Does anyone follow the cricket?

Wise move, broadcasting the cricket World Cup on Sky

No different to the Tests

Highlights on Channel 4 instead of Channel 5, but that's it.

Have you seen the very localised Pepe chicken ads running during the cricket ad breaks? It’s as if they are just running their local cinema ads - “people of Nottingham, come to Pepe’s on the Radcliffe Rd...”

Only the people of Nottingham and Bolton know....

"it makes me v angry that the cricket is on sky"


*stamps feet*

During the 2005 Ashes (screened live and free on Channel 4) cricket became a national talking point and returned to the position of our 2nd national sport.  The authorities immediately blew that by selling all live rights to Sky (and later splitting rights with BT making it even more expensive to follow the sport).  As a result cricket has been reduced to a minority interest that does not command the nations interest.  A crying shame and a lesson to all sports on what greed can do.

I got into cricket by watching on tv when I got home from school - kids in most households cant do that anymore and a generation of potential fans is lost.

Yo Heff, just get sky u strutteresque miservag

Sky's coverage gets a lot of plaudits but the most popular innovation would be an option to let you choose your audio. Who wouldn't want an option to mute Mark Nicholas and just hear the stump mic?


I would like that option. but it won't happen  . why has this bold and underline come n by magic