Docs Not Cops

What do you make of this? They are the doctors who object to having to check eligibility for healthcare.

I say that in any other line of work you would be mega-sacked for giving your employer-funded resources for free to the wrong customer. You are an employee distributing resources, not Jesus performing miracles. Or at least made to pay for it yourself. It annoys me that they think they are above it all. Admin is part of every gig, u ain't Michaelangelo. I bet even he did invoicing.

Shop workers aren't operatives of the State. If they want to give away free stuff, they'll answer to their employer. Doctors must answer to the British taxpayer.

it's not on the grounds of nationality is it

it's on the grounds of residence

a concierge in Primrose Hill would probably get sacked for giving you £100m of free lightbulbs

Clearly for emergency treatment they should treat and then worry about it but for anything where's there no immediate risk of death I don't see why they can't do checks.  Private clinics expect you have to payment arranged before they'll do anything.

It's not even the cops job (or rather, shouldn't be) to deal with immigration offences. The black uniform immigration types can do that - for cops it interferes with doing actual police work and catching people committing serious crimes if half the local community is too scared to speak to them for immigration reasons.

Yeah, I "answer to the taxpayer" but I also have a code of ethics. I actually am above it all.

But they're not.  It's no different from solicitors having to conduct AML and KYC checks on new clients, is it?

Just out of interest are those things every lawyer has to do?

Asking for a friend.

Only the real keeno swots, Strutter.  Also you should totally let your clients use your client account to stash funds which have nothing to do with any work you are undertaking for them - it's all part of the service, especially if we acted for their father for many years and want to keep an eye on the bright young things, what?

Well the way I see it their money is safe and I get to make some interest so we both win

Sorry, my friend and his client both win.

And my friend did school with the client’s father. Sound sort of chap for a foreigner.

Ha I am remembering when I was a trainee and this Russian guy wanted me to set up a company for his brother but the brother couldn't bring in his passport because he was Abroad Indefinitely

And if ethics include doing no harm how does that square with making eligible patients wait months for treatment because of inadequate resources? Being ethical includes saying no.

Were you once viciously dumped by a doctor, because you seem to have a real downer on those folks.

I don't think you really want to have a conversation about medical ethics with me, Clergham. Suffice to say the subject is, as ever, more complex than dux thinks.

Chimp - you kind of exemplify my point! Medical ethics has no special status outside anyone else's ethics. Sure you might feel obliged to give cpr on a plane but if you're replacing a knee on state dolla step 1 has to be the forms.

I don't think I do exemplify your point, really. I don't even feel that strongly about checking eligibility for healthcare before proceeding with (non-urgent) care. But the view that doctors have the same role in relation to their patients as a shop employee does in relation to their customers is, to be frank, boneheaded.

I'm afraid you're wrong. We're all in the service industry now. Doctors are just taking slightly longer than lawyers did to twig it.

In a manner of speaking I suppose, but not in a way that's particularly relevant to the discussion above. I'm not saying that I don't provide services to people, I'm saying that the services I provide are not the same kind of thing as shop merchandise and they shouldn't be subject to the same rules. I think you know this really.

Besides which it's a huge waste of my time to check healthcare eligibility. Sounds perfectly suited to some deskbound paper-shuffler

Same as the time I waste trying to work out how my clients got their cash because bankers can't be bothered to check properly.  Even the estate agents routinely ask us for our KYC docs even though they're meant to check before taking an offer.