Do you wear a Tie at all or are these largely a thing of the past?

I have an emergency tie in my desk for wearing to meetings with particularly old school clients but otherwise I think I last time I wore one was for drinks at the Farmers' Club where ties are still compulsory in the bar.

I wear one every day. 

Unless someone is wearing a t shirt, the most powerful person in the room is generally the smartest dressed.

As said in The Wire, "look the part, be the part muthafucka"

I’ve noticed recently any number of MPs and cabinet being interviewed tieless or going to cabinet meetings tieless.

i wonder how long this garment has to run before it is all but obselete 

Of course I wear one every day, unless "dressing down" or at weekends and not going out for dinner or other smart event.

Only when I meet clients or have something more formal to go to.  Tend to keep one handy in my briefcase.

I never wear one save in Court or at a mediation etc...

I have been expressly told NOT to wear them by my (in-house) clients so as not to appear "too much like a lawyer"

I remember in the early 2000's when colleagues of mine were told to turn up to meetings at AOL and the like dressed down so they didn't obviously stand out.

Foxbat do you never like to fly under the radar and disarm people?  Freaked my roofer out yesterday by eavesdropping on his conversation with my builder without him realising I was there because in wooly hat and high vis he thought I was just another labourer.  Properly jumped when he looked properly and recognised me.

All non utilitarian items of men's clothing eventually go out of fashion and become obsolete - the tie was always going to go the way of the ruff as pointless decoration for men that would be laughed at by later centuries.

Heh, I do that all the time Sails. Who's that scruffy old bloke says one tradesman to another.

The one paying the bills.

I only ever wear suit and tie for weddings, funerals and christenings.

Not long now before the only men in ties at work are estate agents and Apprentice candidates, trying to look the part.

"I wear one every day. 

Unless someone is wearing a t shirt, the most powerful person in the room is generally the smartest dressed."

I shudder to think what it is like to work with somebody who wears a tie because it makes him feel more powerful.

In business generally (admittedly perhaps not in professional services or formal proceedings) a tie is now an affectation. The suit will go the same way (indeed is already going). 

I stopped wearing one after going in house following a post merger all parties when I realised of all the people in the room (both boards, both senior management teams) I was the most junior and the only one wearing a tie. 

Hmmm that reads a bit like chambot. 

*dons black t-shirt, Levi’s and shoes*

Don't wear tie and don't have one in the drawer either 

Occasionally wear it to formal events if required

I took a male colleague to a meeting with some (internal) clients yesterday and he was gently mocked for wearing a tie. He tried to "me too" me afterwards saying that they would never have commented on what I was wearing, so I told him the same client laughed at me for wearing heels in the office back in the summer.

And then, quite suddenly, in the warming morning sun, the delicate frozen water evaporated!

Suits are not on their way out. I have recently rediscovered them. They simplify life. They fit you and have pockets to put stuff in. They do the work of creating your shape. If you wear a tshirt because you are pretending you are the app-inventor billionaire in the room, you have to do exercise to be a shape.

I am going to stick with suits now until I die. 

I think that there is nothing sexier than a man in a well cut suit and a dashing tie.

Why on earth would you wear a suit and uncomfortable work shoes without a tie? If you have to undergo the ballache of getting dressed up, at least do so without a scruffy neck. 

Dux I like to leave the old chest rug on display having spent so much time shampooing and conditioning it.

In house gives me the freedom to pick*

last week I wore slacks and a jumper, this week I ve been rocking a selection of 3 piece suits 

Board meetings tend to be suit n tie but I suspect that won’t change until we stop recruiting Gr8 n Goods amongst the NEDs 

When I say suits are on the way out this is what I mean, day to day there is already a switch to “smart casual” out in the world. Suits for board meetings is a good shout. For now. 

I wear a suit, jumper and tie to work when its cold, im comfortable in that and clients tend to show you more respect.

Shirt with no tie when its hot.  In the summer, just a half-sleeve shirt with no tie.  Depends on the season

I feel as if it's a bit of a confessional. I wear a jacket or a suit and tie lots. I confess also that I don't even own any jeans ("blue canvas trousers").

I gave up trying to be cool or hip years ago... as if I ever started trying to be cool and hip...

Too many people are trying too hard and too conspicuously not to care. Feck 'em. I'll pay attention to them if they can consistently get a 1st round hit on a man-sized target at 600m.

I get not wearing a suit, but the thing I really don’t understand is the people that dress like they are trying to get an upgrade - Dad jeans, blazer, suit shirt and bad brown shoes. 

I'm lucky if manage to get any up as far my chest these days, and thats usually only after a proper session. 

Occasionally I might hit my pillow


Usually though i can get a good wad past my belly button and on to my lower chest. 

The name’s Jorrocks, James Jorrocks

Do your cigarettes come from Morlands in Grosvenor Street? Respec.

If I’m going to Court or seeing a client I’ll dress accordingly (suit and tie etc) but otherwise jeans and t shirt every day.

What’s the point of being uncomfortable if you’re just sitting at your desk for 10 hours and not seeing anyone besides colleagues? 

Very few on this thread are solicitors doing serious work

More like play school 

Oh no. Don't insult my job. Please. Anything but that. It means everything to me. Everything. 


I heard he shanked a dude for saying he wasn’t doing serious work, more like play school. 

Tbf my work is rarely undertaken with any particular degree of seriousness 

(Damnit, Buzz! It’s *vital* that Bernstein never receive actual proof that they’re the only one working! If they stop then the whole economy goes down!) 

My work is so serious, I have to wear a comedy fake nose and glasses set just to stop myself from spontaneously combusting with the seriousness of it all. The piano key necktie is, of course, a given.

The piano key necktie is, of course, a given.

What?  No rotating bow tie?  Amateur.

Jorrocks : 600 on iron-sights? Jeez, you must keep your eye in...


*fist bump*

TBF there's not much call for that skill in most law firms.  Maybe Herbies.

I'm glad nobody has mentioned short sleeved work shirts with a tie. I deal with some engineering consultancies and they are there. And yes, pencils and pens in the shirt top pocket.


Machete killing tool of choice at our gaff

At least they come at you head on- no backstabbing shite here 

Chambo that is also the look of choice for German lawyers.


It is possible with iron sights but a SUSAT certainly helps.

You do know that the APWT had to be completely altered when the SA80 came in? It completely jizzed over the old SLR APWT.

It has/had (the A1 particularly) plenty of issues, but accuracy wasn't one of them.

I had the misfortune of living in CA for a few years. I was shocked that I was actually able to get some decent firearms while I was there.

I managed to legally purchase an AK-47 (with bullet button), Mossberg 590, Beretta 92 (with 10-round mags), Beretta 85, and Glock 19 (with 10-round mags).

PS - I highly recommend the Beretta 85 in a nickel finish. While not a great choice for self-defense (when compared to a 9mm or higher), it is a beautiful piece of machinery. Definitely worth adding to the collection.


i was thinking of civy stuff re the 600 , hence the respeck :)

I didn’t spend much time with the SA80 (and SLR was before my time)

My stuff was more stubbier ;)

You have electronic conveyance 

 A 223 cartridge is not "high power".

In 'nam, I would much rather gotten hit by the .223 than the 7.62x39mm fired by the AK47. That round was a b*tch.

Piano key tie

Red braces

Guilty/Not guilty cufflinks

Double-breasted pin stripe suit with turned up trousers

Day of the week socks 


Ready for battle

I favour a tie personally. I think it would be a great shame to see the garment die out. Although bowties are tidier and more practical really.