do you use a trust for school fees?

does it still work ok for IHT?

thx and sorry

Is this addressed to parents or headmasters?



I think quite a lot of peoope are now using them rong but it's a hunch

Aye nu dat rilly...

Just wedgie the weaker parents to stand fees for your kids too, surely?

Well there are scammy links all over google so no doubt there are a bunch of greedy and gullible parents who’ve been conned into some kind of wheeze that looks plausible but won’t stand up if it ever ends up in front of HMRC. 

Wasn’t the trusts thing mainly grandparents doing bare trusts in case they die (start the 7 year period and avoid all the lifetime charges). 

What would parents do? And what kind of parent has the cash to just lock up in advance against the possibility that they die?