Do you think Singapore would be nice to live in?

Trying to think of somewhere that isn't always banging on about issues and just likes having a nice time 


What's wrong with it?

Where is nice and non tedious damnit. 

Norway seems unfriendly and Canada is sooo smug and has American holidays 


Isn't the ERG masterplan for us to become Singapore-on-Thames? 

So just sit tight a while longer.

I love Singapore. I think it would be the most fantastic place to work for a few years. 

dux m7, wouldn’t u just sweat 24/7/365 in somewhere like Singapore? it’s hot and humid


Every indoor space in Singers is air conditioned to the max. I'd be fine. Also slightly bizarrely I sweat less in the tropics, possibly because I remember to keep properly hydr8d.

Singapore is awesome - not sure why people describe it as bland, clearly not the case with places like Little India and Geylang or with the brilliant array of food offerings. Maybe a general safety and lack of stabbings make it tedious.

Great travel opportunities too to everywhere in SE Asia and India. 

Bro lives there. It is great if you have a young family.

Clergs I suspect that some of the things you're into would result in you getting lashes in Singapore.

I genuinely can't think of what you mean!!!

aggressive littering?

not really

I am certainly not "into" chewing gum

also I thought that was a cash fine

Singapore seems good but I worry it'll be underwater in a few decades