Do you still enjoy video gaming?

I loved it until my mid 20s then played sporadically,  now find it dull, don’t know why, feel I have lost a decent source of enjoyment, on other hand it is a bit of a time vortex


maybe you're playing the wrong thing, try any of 

Frostpunk (dystopian city building)

Cities Skylines (decent city building)

Overlord (1&2 sheer lols of being the bad guy)

Europe Universalis 4 (weep for the first 300 hours of not being able to a lead a country in 1480s europe)

Hearts of Iron 4 (kaiserreich mod, communist britain starts ww2, fuck you monarchist canada!)

Stellaris (make a civilization and go spread yourself across the stars, watch out for them preythorins though!)

Crusader Kings 3 (the RP inbreeding simulator of the year)

Horizon Zero dawn (robot dinosaurs but heart breaking story)

I don't know where people find the time to be "gamers" tbh

although i bloke i work with in brazil says he regularly stays up until 1 or 2 in the morning to play games whilst his wife and kids sleep

not for me clive

yes when I find the time, but I don’t 

*Checks PS5 pre-order is confirmed one more time* do you ask?


No time with kid / work these days. Haven't touched the PS4 in over a year :(

I love playing video games but the better half does not like when free time is diverting attention it gathers dust until I get the house to myself.

Only played FIFA for years then last Christmas thought I'd buy some games from CEX as I'd have some free time without having to look after the kid. 

Spiderman blew my mind. Doom was awesome. I couldn't believe how good computer games have become in the years I've just been playing FIFA. 

Unfortunately, no time to play due to the kid but from time to time when the kid has gone to bed the Mrs and I will play some two player Mortal Combat or Gran Tourismo. 

I've ben playing The Political Machine 2016 recently. Just realised there's a 2020 version available so will but that. Wellers, you'd love it. You can create your own candidate, choose your party, and try to win the Presidential election through policy speeches and judicious spending on things like TV adverts.

I got the remastered Tony Hawks 1 and 2 on ps4 and am loving the nostalgia. It's amazing how quickly the muscle memory comes back, I'm busting out Indy Stiffies and Japan Airs all over the shop

heh dux,  I remember playing a game like that on the old speccy

seems a bit harsh Canadian, does she not ever want to watch tv/films that you don't want to watch?

Played the absolute hell out of SC2 but not for a while. Haven’t touched anything else in years

Football Manager is good for train and plane journeys. It hasn't been the same since the glory days of Champ Man!

Haven’t done any since my last spectrum died errr quite a few years ago. Is it any good?

you're probably too old now Risky, you kind of need to be a digital native

you old duffers should just stick with backgammon and snap

I rof on two different devices at once you know!  Hmm perhaps said too much

Yeah but I only really started this year. I play Fallout76 and am working through Ori and the Will of the Wisps. Tbf I haven’t played for about a couple of months because I can lose entire days to Fallout...

Not sure enjoy is the right word.

*hurls controller across room for umpteenth time while playing Sekiro*

I enjoy getting my ass kicked on MarioKart by #2.  Even tho we play on the same team he still shootds me in the ass if I am in the lead.  Little bastard.



  • Depends.
  • Games used to be amazing back in the SNES era - gameplay over graphics.
  • Now it's a barely interactive film.
  • Bossed the back legs off Baldur's Gate 3 early access, looking forward to that full release.
  • Got the new Xbox on order but only got Cyberpunk 2077 with it as the proper launch lineup is shite.
  • Might boss a bit more Donkey Kong Country 2 on Switch Online's SNES offering.

I have definitely lost the joy of FPSs and anything requiring significant time commitments like RPGs.


Absolutely loving F1 2012 with a wheel and pedals though. Steep learning curve but very rewarding when you smash out a PB at Silverstone.

FPS are all live service shit shows now, thanks fortnight, all the *draws deep breath* triple Aaaaaaaaee Games companies are trying to replicate its success by shitting out barely playable shit stuffed with loot boxes and predatory gambling/ micro transactions

no wonder Anthem, Destiny 2 and now Avengers have crashed and burned (and don't you remind me of the shit burger that is Fallout76 dusty! Todd fucking Howard)

I used to quite like settlers but it wont work on the mac. What is similar that is good?

Fosco, yes I think it is lack of patience with the sort of games I used to love is my problem.  Can see myself enjoying a no commitment arcade style game once in a while, don't have any though

  • Settlers 7 is on Mac.
  • You could also decouple from the Matrix by removing Apple's hentai tenactles from the depths of your skull, among other places.

I haven't played for well over a year but will buy a PS5 and see if I enjoy it again. Usually I only like the GTA games and FIFA.

Horizon Zero Dawn shout here as well. Didn't find the story heart breaking. At the risk of sounding like Megan Sparkle, I found it empowering. It's sad at the start, but then you grow up and kick loads of ass. 

Witcher 3. 

Fallout 4 (i've just started this. It's hard. I am not loving it the way I love HZD, but I am playing it quite a bit. Has a steep learning curve. The melee is rubbish).

Final Fantasy X remaster, but that's a bit niche.

I played a lot of Elite: Dangerous, but stopped shortly after I went to the supermassive blackhole at the centre of the galaxy. That took quite a while.

The Gauntlet remake is quite fun.

Child of Light was fun to play, and Shootette enjoyed it.

Star Wars Battlefront 1 is great. 2 is OK.

But, as you say, I'm playing less and less. Maybe because Shooty Jnr spends EVERY FUCKING SECOND HE'S AWAKE ON THE GODDAMN THING THAT I PAID FOR.

Agree re: destiny 2. I loved it when it first came out, then it was all about seasons, and resetting people's levels, and goals that you had 15 second to complete, etc. I couldn't keep up. Being, like, y'know: old.

Anthem looked gorgeous, and the flying mode was great in the demo, but even simple baddies seemed to absorb a gazillion bullets. 

way back when, i sold my PS2 because it was such a total time waster

come home, skin up, play games

now i just watch TV instead ;)

Teaching a League One team to play vertical tika taka or gegenpress on Football Manager will always be a joy. 

I played loads of games throughout my life until a few years ago when my mental health improved (probs about 46-47).  Since then I've found it harder and harder to get into them, which is really annoying because I loved playing - I've spent a fortune on games in the last few years trying to recapture that feeling.  I assume its the lack of need for an escape from reality, which means I enjoy being in a different world much less than I used to.  I still hope its a phase.    

Warren back in my teen years I was addicted to MMORPGs - those are brutal to get sucked into when you're escaping reality.

Looking back nothing was even bad with my life then, I just loved my online character and world. But holy hell, you could easily spend 80+ hours a week trying to be in a so-called raiding guild in those days.

Not healthy!


Warren, I would definitely recomment Horizon Zero Dawn then. It's REALLY immersive. And great fun.

Slime rancher is quite fun, too, if anyone is looking for something quirky. Both my kids love it.

Cat Quest also good. Kind of like Zelda of old. But not really. But kind of. And lots of cat puns. 

... I came onto this thread to post something specific, and I've forgotten what it is... 

Dammit.... sigh... what was it? All football games are shite? True, but it wasn't that. GTA is video gaming for people who don't like video games, kind of like U2 and Coldplay are music for people who dislike music but enjoy the act of purchasing CDs and MPs? True, but not that...

No, it's gone.

I'll pop back when I remember what it was. Until then, I urge you all to download and play this remake of Imogen from teh BBC:


Wot Sumo said (to a somewhat scarily similar degree). Currently enjoying Crusader Kings 3. This week's peak was leading my homosexual tyrant King to glory whilst he shacked up with this 4 wives and 6 lovers creating an army of 17 children. 

With the appearance of the vuvu and the need for zoom/teams mtgs and therefore of backgrounds I realised my existing laptop wasn't up to the job. Turns out the most cost effective way of buying a machine with a good enough graphics card to cope with backgrounds on calls was a half decent gaming laptop. What a lucky coincidence. 

Yes. But tend to play older games and PC stuff. BmChampionship Manager 2, Street fighter 5, heroes of might and magic. Warcraft 3. Will try and play the Witcher for a bit.

Plus may start oblivion or skyrim.

Don't play that much due to time constraints.

I wouldn't mind playing the new Microsoft Flight Simulator game, But that would involve significant upgrades to my desktop (if not a new one).

It looks great, but something of an expensive project.

Big shout out for Ghost of Tsushima on PS4.


Fantastic game. Got me right back into it.

Call of Duty's still going but the campaigns are now an occasional 5 minutes of gaming interspersed with half an hour's backstory. I'm still into Total War . Medieval 2 is so balanced and still looks pretty good after all these years, and I seem to be part of a very small group really enjoying Thrones of Britannia. 

Someone gave me a Nintendo Wii for Christmas. Played it 3 times in 6 months and then boxed it away. Sold it the following Christmas. Loved the SNES and wish I still had it. But completely tuglite about modern games. When I see adverts for games with amazing graphics I get a tinch of interest, but then see the disclaimer "Not actual game footage". Meh. 

I just finished Last of Us 2 and it felt like a chore. Too long and I ended up hating both characters.

Definitely looking forward to Valhalla though. With Assassins Creed I find myself playing for hours without actually progressing the story - just doing side missions and exploring. Question is whether to get it on the PS4 or wait until I can get hold of a PS5 which realistically now is going to be 2021

I am So keen to play Demon's Souls that I've pre-ordered it for the PS5 and coincidentally have vacation time booked as I was going to the USA for Thanksgiving (thanks, Covid more like am I right?)

I did the unspeakable and bought a ps5 pre-order off ebay for 40GBP over the going rate. 

I am in 2 minds about getting a PS5. Games seem to be priced at £80 a pop, which just seems ridiculous. 

The best games I've played over the past few years top anything from the earlier era in terms of graphics, gameplay and story (although they struggle to recreate the crazy magic of playing the SNES and N64 Zelda iterations for the first time): Red Dead Redemption 2, HZD, Witcher 3, God of War (best weapon in a game ever), the Doom reboots, Ghost of Tsushima, Dark Souls trilogy, Bloodborne (although as older games the DS and Bloodborne loading times really start to grate given the whole thing requires a zen-like acceptance of the inevitable repetition of death) Divinity Original Sin 2 and Zelda BOTW.

I can relate a little too much to what Warren says about them being a salve for mental health issues though - escapism of the first order. Thus they have been great during lockdown. Once my kid is in bed I lose myself to them for a bit before retiring, I suppose if I had a partner I might speak to them or watch TV. Part of me would hope they'd get into gaming so we could play co-op though. I have a PS5 pre-order. Obvs

Re PS5 pricing, all new PS4 games are very expensive (although agree 80 is a pisstake). They become much cheaper. For this reason the backwards compatibility aspect of the PS5 makes it very appealing in a way previous iterations weren't on launch.

I have not played any form of video/computer game since about 1986, possibly 1987 

Oh, I've remembered what I was going to say:

God Of War. What's the fuss about? Boring, linear beat 'em up. Yawn.

Am I missing something?

Occasionally I tire of the whole supermassive open world dotted with fetch and escort quests and grinding for stats and prefer something a bit more linear but pretty and with really great gameplay. That's God of War. It isn't boring at all. 

OK, cheers. Noted.

When a non-gender specific entity is tired of supermassive open world adventure dotted with fetch questions and grinding for stats, xhe is tired of life.

Escort quests can F.R.O. though, true that. It's ALWAYS sime numpty with the NPC AI equivalent of ADHD and a death wish.