Do you speak WOKE?

Having a bias

Living in a bubble


TERFs (trans-exclusionary radical feminists)

Being privileged

Social justice warriors

Calling out culture

Ethical leadership

Are you a heteronormative cisgender?

It's going so fast and it's a lot to take in. Anything I missed?

This post is like blood in the water for Draco and Supes, they'll be along in 3, 2, 1....

I have never struggled to understand so many words used by real people in real sentences until now.

I find the gender and trans thing the most difficult to keep up with.


I find the term "TERF" quite misogynistic in itself tbf.

I am somewhat trans-exclusionary in the sense that I think people who were assigned male at birth, i.e who are born as biological males, should not be able to compete in women's sports. They are welcome to go to the same bathroom as me though.

What confuses me is whether that makes me a TERF because I am also a feminist (not so much radical tho).

Racist.  Men can be feminists too you know.  We can be terfs just as easily as we can be women.

I vaguely do, just by spending time on Twitter you pick things up but fuck me sideways most of it is a load of old bollocks really isn’t it.

I am somewhat trans-exclusionary in the sense that I think people who were assigned male at birth, i.e who are born as biological males, should not be able to compete in women's sports. They are welcome to go to the same bathroom as me though.

Same (although re the second point, only provided that they don't make the women's toilets smell like the men's toilets).

Racist.  Men can be feminists too you know.  We can be terfs just as easily as we can be women.

Heh. But the term "radical feminist" in itself has a nasty whiff of misogyny, firstly because it is clearly designed to evoke an angry, hirsute, bra-burning, man-hating woman (as opposed to Ed Miliband in his "this is what a feminist looks like T-shirt), and secondly because of the implication that believing that women should have equal rights and opportunities to men can be "radical".

Also, feminism is a very broad church. It should encompass basically anyone who is not a misogynistic arsehole (including most men). With that in mind, the idea that we should all fit a certain mould and all have the same beliefs about trans issues is ludicrous.

A feminist is someone who believes that women should have equal rights and opportunities to men. With that in mind, I don't think the question of whether an individual in question is a woman or a man is all that relevant to feminism, because we should all have the same rights and opportunities.

what genuinely angered me was an article the other day about Harvard students campaigning to remove Ronald S. Sullivan Jr. as a dean in the school of law because he is advising/representing Harvey Weinstein

FFS. The protest is so wrong headed it makes my head ache. 

I just don’t think you girls should worry your pretty little heads about things like this tbf.

I am with Chambo.  wtaf are you talking about?

on the terf point, i once redid a garden with a company that had on its vans "DONT SEED IT: SOD IT"

I'm all for evolution of the language and of moral standards.  What gets me thiugh is that these words have come into use in such a short period of time and in such limited cultural circles yet the mass media expect us to know what they mean.  An article in the Grawn this week was talking about a "trans woman" and I genuinely do not know if that is a woman who thinks she is a man, a woman who has had her genitalia altered, or vice versa.  

Because its all bollocks Tricky?

I'm just a simple Yorkshireman, hardly a couple of brain cells to rub together.


Heff: that is part of the calling out culture. Especially rampant at North American universities. And I hate it. Virtue signaling of the highest order and it stifles debate.

a trans woman is better to understand than trans feminine.

But I don't think it's all bollocks but I guess Plonymous hit the nail on the head there. I'm struggling to keep up.

The Guardian isn't the mass media though it's a very small subsection of it

You guys know you can look these words up on Google to find out what they mean, yeah?

I thought the radical bit in TERF was related to the fact that TERF's are radical because they don't actually believe that all women are equal because they don't believe trans women are women and therefore equal.

OED defines "trans woman" as a male-to-female transsexual. It defines a "transsexual" as 1. A person who emotionally and psychologically feels that they (SIC!!) belong to the opposite sex; and 1.1 A person who has undergone treatment in order to acquire the physical characteristics of the opposite sex.  It appears that OED are no more informed than me on this! 

If you have to look up in a dictionary words used by  journalists in a broadsheet and even the OED isn't sure then that is a sign we have lost our linguistic way my friends.


But if they believe men and women are equal, why does it matter whether they think trans men are men or women?  By definition they still must think they're equal?

Quite. But people who use the term "TERF" are (I think) implying that those people are hypocrites for being feminists but not falling into line with their beliefs on trans issues.

Is "cultural appropriation" a "woke" thing?


I don't understand that (along with any of the things in the OP's list)

Good one. Cultural appropriation has been around for quite a bit. The weird thing about it is that black culture is far more 'against' or outspoken about it then let's say Japanese culture where they think it's an honour that the kimono is being 'copied' and made part of mainstream fashion.


I know what it is.  It just doesn't make sense to me.

I bet the far right love the fact that liberals are so fractured along self-interested identity lines. Even here we see 'don't think trans women should compete in women's sports'. 

I do wonder whether identity politics that both simultaneously demands recognition, rights and protection, and seeks to exclude or even demonise the majority is a factor in the rise in populism and the move away from the centre to the right wing - even those people who previously considered themselves liberals. 

There are bad times just around the corner and the fight against the right will need to be fought. I hope we're unified enough to win that fight. 

Some Russian probably invented all those terms. Destabilise the West? This is too easy.

tbf supes is going to struggle with cornrows

Even here we see 'don't think trans women should compete in women's sports'. 

There is a reason why men and women do not compete against each other in sports. It is because men are physically bigger and stronger, and so if men and women had to compete against each other the men would always win. 

It is about levelling the playing field, not gender politics. And as soon as you let a trans woman compete against cis women in sport, the playing field is no longer level. 

It is an interesting subject tho Anna.  in sprinting, rugby, football etc you are obviously right.  but snooker?  Darts? crown green bowls?  shooting and archery? possibly golf (altho pity anyone who does that)?

there are plenty of sports (fck off yes they are all sports) where I see no reason for all people, male, female, shemale, hemale, maybemalemaybeshemale (love the fact my phone tried to autocorrect that) should not compete on an even footing

I suppose there are some "sports" wink where speed and strength aren't important, but then you'd get into a complicated debate about it in each case. Easier just to have a blanket rule.

What about sports where men and women compete in pairs? I'm thinking figure skating and tennis mixed doubles. 

Anna, you're making the assumption that I'm suggesting people are wrong to have the opinion that trans women shouldn't compete in women's sport. I'm not. I'm highlighting the fact that even amongst people who consider themselves liberal there is still division. The trans community has set itself in opposition to the majority -in this case being natural women (I don't know the correct terms) who, I assume, they see as oppressive and hence they demonise the majority. 

I don't know the answer to the trans world sport question (although if I were to be devil's advocate I would suggest that women's rejection of trans athletes is symptomatic of a larger lack of acceptance of trans women by natural women). And it's not really the point. 

We also need to consider how we deal with people who have opposing views. We've developed a lazy lexicon that seeks to shut down debate on a whole range of topics merely by their accusatory utterance. Slinging around words like 'racist', mysiginist, 'mansplaining', 'transphobic', 'offended' etc. will immediately shut down conversation, drive opinions under ground, create a majority who feel under attack through the mere fact that they don't feel like anyone is listening to them. So, they move to the right wing who seem to share their concerns, support their views, allow them to have a voice and down that slippery slope slides the centrist into far right populism. 

The sailing world is full of mixed sex teams competing on an equal basis.

Heheh.  Gannicus and Hoolie aren't here.  No siree. Raddy DEFINITELY isn't Gannicus.

That's not the point Sails, as well you know.

Being a social justice warrior is so clichéd.

I’m gonna be a social justice wizard. 


Some twat on today was just talking about having "a surgery"

This is a crass Americanism which should be left 'over there'

unless they were a surgeon and it was just shorthand for “I’ve got a surgery list”

At least the OP words are easily spotted and searched.

The truly woke speak in a code you can't easily spot. When they say "I believe her" it means much more than that. You don't realise that saying "well l don't know much about it, I'd rather read the facts before I express a view" is heretical. See also "I am an ally". Whose ally? Etc etc.

I saw a bird on the train this morning with a badge saying :

"This human's preferred pronouns are: She/Her/Hers"

I kid you not. 

(pretty sure it was a bird)

Woke is odd. 

Middle aged lawyers using the word is both sad and hillarious. Like those grown up adult dweebs riding their little scooters around the city. 

The scooter people annoy the piss out of me.  Not for any particular reason.  Also bromptons.  if u have a brompton, i sneep your little spotty head.

Bromptons are almost, but not as bad. Scooters are the very worst. Men in suits on scooters! Sneeep! 



I love Bromptons and it's awesome when the chap in a shirt and tie on a Brompton manages to burn all the MAMILs and their carbon bikes off when the lights change.

Yes Sails, you are exactly the sort of cunt that needs to be Sneeeeped! Sneep you off your boat. 


Can we be clear about what we mean by scooter, though?

It could either be the "stand-up skateboard with a handle" type of thing, which I propose we call the cis-scooter, or the more modern interloper, the mini-motorbike, usually (if not exclusively?) with an automatic transmission).  Which I propose we call the trans-scooter.

So are you a cis-scooter rider or a trans-scooter rider?

cis scooter, wtih a phallic single knobbled handle rather than handlebars.

What have trans coots got to do with it?

Blinking wildlife botherers .......

"I don't know the answer to the trans world sport question"


My i propose some kind of early morning telly program on channel 4.