do you reckon other countries laugh at our court system?

with its 18th century wigs and its bowing and its preposterous honorifics?

I think they probably do.


I suspect not given that a few have continued to use similar systems even after being granted their independence.

Obviously the self-importance of lawyers increases as they become less important.  That’s why the Supreme Court normally dispenses with formal dress whereas Deputy District Judges in Stockport can shout at you for not wearing your tie tightly done up.  

The world is large and cases vary,  but on the whole my experience is that lawyers in other jurisdictions are more pompous and more formal than London lawyers.  

I hef known you for nearly tventy years and this is not a litigation matter but we must call each other "Herr Doktor Professor" at all times, ja?

if the germans are the best you can come up with you've lost the argument, man

I know one German lawyer who can interact as a human.  he is smashing it tbf.  I don't even think he puts dr on his email sig.

Last call I had with some of them, they actually made a point about how we should all address each other by our first names English style and dispense with the titles.

Herr Dr Buzz (B.A. Jurisprudence) (M.A. Minge)

Herr Dr Buzz (B.A. Jurisprudence (Oxon)) (M.A. £15) if you don't mind.

No but I bet they laugh at your big fat face


Yeah. You heard me 

Litigators r dix you know it's true that's why you're so sad all the time

I did jury service once and the defence barrister was elderly, wearing a wig that had turned some shade of brown, with a few flies around it, a clearly stained gown and his mobile phone went off half way though the trial.


Would you have acquitted his client had he been dressed smartly?

Its antiquated. Just dress in a smart suit. Wigs and gowns are a bit daft these days.

there's a german firm that does a lot of work in my sort of space.  they seem to be "best friends" with most of the London lot, presumably as they are capable of giving sensible advice in a timely fashion and don't use the titles.



Once upon a time a colleague of mine inadvertently referred to a witness he was crossing by his first name.  I dont think he was intentionally trying to introduce some informality to the proceedings.  Needless to say the Sheriff was not impressed and gave him a good lashing.  

^^^ oh no.  Have just realised I've turned into one of those old fogeys who insert a random story into a conversation.  

rules like this perfectly exemplify the problem

genuine q how do you manage to keep respectful face on all the time

(sorry for saying that litigators were dix btw)

Hengeler Mueller lot is quite nice. For Germans.

On topic: other countries have their own weird court stuff, I don't think anyone particularly cares about how the Scots to their weird court stuff.

We do laugh at the silk fancy dress tho. 

a lot of people care how we do our "court stuff" because a lot of European legal work runs through Scotland

good work on becoming a classic provincial Londoner tho

and ofc I was talking about the courts of the UK in general since they are all equally stupid on this front

"oh can you get that in Waitrose? oh. No, then. No idea."

Also I have been laughed at in court, and not by foreigners!

They care about legal process clergs, not the wigs and gowns and bowing, which were what you mentioned in your op.

Your post assumes other countries do not have wigs/gowns or what have you. Classic British Empire thinking.


yeah that's me, queen of the britnat imperialists indecision