do you know/interact with your neighbours?

some of them, yes

I live in a very friendly area though

Yes and yes.  Where we live now is 1,000 x more friendly than London.

Yep.  They kindly took my bins in when I was on hols

I fed my neighbour's pet rabbits whilst she was off on hols.  Will prob ask her to feed the cats when we go away.

One side, yes they're fine. Other side, no they're Saffers and grumpy.

Of course, if she says "no", I'm going to have to bitchslap that ungrateful muthafucka into the middle of next week.

Yes, we take each other's bins out when asked etc. We don't go visiting very often. Same answer for London btw. Except we only had one neighbour there.


we have lovely neighbours on both sides and generally nearly everyone on the street knows each other

there are quite frequent street parties etc




I've found that, with a little understanding, you can find the perfect blend.