Do you know anyone who actively enjoys
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...practising law?

Me “either” as the Americans say.

I know plenty who have made peace with it, and many whom it actually suits perfectly... but few if any who actually derive enjoyment from it.

I wish I was a marketing specialist in the outdoor apparel industry. I know three (unconnected) people who do that and they all enjoy it. It has a “people I know who do that actually enjoy it” ratio of 100%, comfortably better than any other job. I’ve no real clue why this is - it sounds quite dull. I think they often get to keep the samples tho

Me, some days.

Today in particular when my opponent has two dents on his forehead from the enthusiastic victory dance I have just performed over him.



You have an “opponent”? I have never had one of those.

I think one of the issues with law, as well as other areas such as medicine, accountancy, etc is that there are a huge number of factors that cause people to head towards these professions which are effectively unconnected from the reality of the profession


Most people I know who are really happy in a professional role "fell into it" meaning they had no real preconceptions etc and just ended up enjoying it and therefore the interest is a bit purer and not polluted by other things (money, status, believing in this weird concept of "intellectual stimulation" which other people call "Not boring")

No its shit. 

That is why I left to do something I actively enjoy. 




I enjoy it.  Then again, I am lucky enough to specialise in some niche areas of law which require genuine insight as well as commercial judgement in order to help steer your clients' behaviour.  A rare and satisfying combination.

Badman specialises in putting his winkly little knob into old ladies toothless mouths.

A rare and satisfying combination



Very well, I can tell you about menstrual cycle, what her parents did , her views on divorce etc

I don't know how you lot do it, tbh, it looks really bloody tedious

Because we're all turbotedes, of course.  And I'm a reprehensible excuse for a human being.

Not read whole thread but no.  And certainly not me.

I have two friends who are patent attorneys and a friend who is an IP barrister. TBH they all seem to like it but there work is quite similar I think to their engineering/physics degrees they did at uni.

I find the legal aspects of engineering IP quite interesting.

I think literally everyone I know who practiced law in a commercial law firm now does something else.

I know a few but they are vastly outnumbered by those who either hate it or took the decision to leave it. One of my friends is a commercial barrister and absolutely loves it.

Why do sciencey types always think IP law looks like the interesting bit of law? It’s one of the dullest. They’re all dull tho so this is a loser’s kind of pissing contest.

Litigator friends generally like it, those that do non contentious stuff universally hate it with many leaving the profession. TBF non contentious stuff must be mainly boring as hell.

I think another reason for the atrition is that as a poster said above so many sleep walk their way in to it. Firms actively target the usual unis, and give nice dinners/lunches, sponsor sports teams , free drinks nights. So your mate who was say doing english and engineering would tag along for the freebies, and almost without knowing find themselves making a few applications, and before they know it they have secured a TC , and are being paid to do the GDL

Another reality dawns, is there  is very little law in the profession.

Think the sciencey types recognise that they can make more money as a patent attorney than they could as a research chemist.

Law is a broad church. I like the thing I do, but I would hate about 98% of practice.

I did but I’m conscious that I specialised in a particular niche hence, as mentioned above, my experience is unlikely to be generally endorsed.

I enjoy it when I'm working on, or particularly advocating in, complex JR and statutory appeal matters.  I like it a lot less when I am tasked with reviewing long and turgid contracts and leases just to make sure they're "OK".

Who are all these people who like it when they have to get into very technical areas - that is the worst thing about law. At least when you’re doing something mundane you can rof or surf the Internet. The thought of getting to grips with complex JR or statutory instruments or whatever badman is lying about doing up there make me want to take the Clergs train to Switzerland. 

And “no” to actually answer the question. 

No, ZG, I tend to specialise in international insolvency and concomitant disputes, involving the clash between the court seized with jurisdiction in the main proceedings, and the in rem rights still governed by national laws.  It's fascinating stuff.

But by all means take the one way train to Switzerland.

It sounds boring as fvck, stressy and long hoursy tbh

I actually assumed the “it’s fascinating stuff” was ironic on first reading. 

JRs can have outcomes of major and nationwide importance, ZG. 


So what? That doesn’t in itself make it interesting or enjoyable, or not in the long term anyway. 

Maybe not, but international insolvency and complex restructurings certainly are.  You only need a Lehmans or Kaupthing to kick off, and all of a sudden that's all you live and breathe for several months.  

Well perhaps I'm some sort of wierdo that gets off on intellectual challenges.  I enjoy working on JRs anyway.  

Yep, and I enhoy working on knotty security and intercreditor issues.  Go figure.

Bladders - so once every ten years or so you have to work so hard that you live and breathe insolvency for months on end? That is not selling it to me. 

BI - it being complicated (and enjoyable) and it being of national importance are mutually inclusive

I mean fair enough, you both clearly enjoy what you do, I personally just wouldn’t. 

Yes, but the question wasn't "is there an area of law which - objectively speaking - is enjoyable to do?".  It was "Do you know anyone who actively enjoys practising law?".  You have now found two.  

ZG, a great philosopher once said:


"Do you enjoy what you do?

If not, just stop.

Don't stay there and rot!" 

Oh fuck - Wham!  Really?


Genius of a very strange kind!

I really enjoy it.

Helps tho’ being yer own boss and being free to take on whichever cases/ client I feel like.

Don’t think I’d enjoy being an employee  expected to take on any case I’m told to.

My friends at the commercial bar love it , friends at the PI bar loathe it now they are 10-15 years in or so . Can you imagine being a PI bazaa at a top pi set , and trapping round the country at short notice doing trial after trial , and then in the evenings , cranking out advices, and drafting 100 page schedule of loss. Financially they do very well, but mostly they are both stressed and bored rigid 

Pretty much what Baddo said.  The legal bit is the interesting bit.  The constant politics and bitching and lame attempts at being Machiavelli or Sun Tzu is the irritating bit.

We had one partner convinced he could take their WIP as portables to a new firm ffs.  What a clustermuppet.  (tbf that would have avoided us taking the 7 figure write off.)

The law bit is dull, but there's not much actual law that I need to worry about most of the time.  And big corporate clients usually have pretty dull work as its all same-old same-old or so devoid of real-world risk that there's bugger all point in having the documents in the first place. 

On the flip side, SMEs/start-ups are usually in niche business areas so it's interesting working on those matters.  And then there's the enjoyment of the business side of it all, and managing people, that's as enjoyable in law as it is anywhere else. 

Overall, the actual law bit is such a side issue that its neither here nor there, and I spend more of my time on the interesting stuff than the dull stuff.  I guess this puts me in the 'yes' category.