Do you invest your own pension?

I've aggregated all my former work pensions into one (through Pension Bee) but the overall performance after about a year and a half is shite. Am thinking about moving this all into my SIPP and choosing the funds myself. Anyone else do this? Thoughts on doing it?

Yep, I've got all mine in Neil Woodford managed funds.  He'll see me right for retirement.  He's Britain's Buffet.

As a person with a track record of making wise and sensible decisions about the future I cant see why this is not an excellent idea LA.  

When you say the overall performance is not good, what do you mean?

I mean overall performance not good compared with my SIPP where I manage allocation of funds and choose exactly which funds  (and some shares) I'm invested in. Over 18 months the amount paid it has gone up by under 3%.

I would still have my workplace pension which me and my employer pay into.

I am almost certainly going to do this.

I can see literally nothing that can go wrong with this plan.

lawyers in "I will never take any risks" non-shocka.


Faod I am talking about running a fairly conservative strategy of probably 90% funds and 10% direct equities.


Why does everyone assume I have no idea what I'm doing?


Nobody even knows what I do for a living.

I don’t think pension bee is aimed at ballerz like yourself LA

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I moved all my bit and bobs of pensions into my final salary one  years ago

not what I'm talking about doing here abs. Clearly I don't have a final salary pension anyway.

Mine was a frozen final salary pension in the end, which I started collecting when I hit 55

I've got an old work pension with one of the big providers and it's achieving crazy returns so I'll leave it with them until they turn out to be a Ponzi scheme.