do you have a personal brand?

I keep seeing adverts for "improving your brand" networking sessions.

Do people think you are innovative or a gossip sort of thing.

I don't see why those two are mutually exclusive but anyway ("did you HEAR about Dyson?")

I thnk my brand is "probably wfh I guess maybe in a meeting".

wfh and thinking of going to the coop in my pyjamas

probably not brandfriendly

Yes, a flying ‘S’ on my shoulder.

I can still remember the burnt flesh smell when they did it.

Looks cool though.

The whole concept of a personal brand seems very American to me. It seems so earnest.

I think the nature of work is changing so that you have to think of yourself as a business rather than an employee in the way that baby boomers did 

you see this a bit in the shirt from people saying "work life balance" to "work life integration"

I guess personal brand is part of that 

on the upside, there are a lot of morons knocking around so you only need to get your brand to be a little over average to disproporitionately see a return on it 

see, your last oara is basically my life motto, sumo, but I can't help but notice that the moron brand does very very well

What Sumo said (gargle gargle...)

...I think it is very important to have a personal brand if you are sellling yourself.

Anyone get the impression that the earlier generations of the strutter family tunex the wireless to Lord Haw Haw before flirting with maximum cringe at a mitford?

I think it's an unreasonable exacerbation of capitalist psychology, fluffy, and I am surprised you buy into it.

I am not selling myself. I am offering to contribute expertise. Is the blacksmith "selling himself"? No.

I very definitely sell myself... get the expertise as part of the package.

The choice as to where and how I do it is mine, which soothes any backchat from my moral conscience...

Remember this was a subject of national hilarity a few years ago when an apprentice candidate talked about it - now it seems to be a real thing.



you would have a personal brand in a communist setting as well, it's just you would have to develop it by age 16 and live it for the next 60 years without change

the point of the modern personal brand is that you expect to move around and be in demand

look at how PWC are building their legal team (Günther Dobrauz is scary clever on this) vs the shit shows at E&Y and KPMG that are just porting the status quo, if you take the view that this will be the lawyer model of the future then you really want to be developing that brand

having said that, in your circs you don't really need to bother because change and innovation won't be coming to your area/shop until Daniel Radcliffe is selling walk in baths

ps what is pwc doing that is so not the same shit different shovel?

People have a brand as part of their self promotion... can either hone it or appear crack handed.

anyone who presents a brand rather than themselves is a sociopath and I do NOT hire them they can fuck off

have you ever heard the expression "be yourself" or "he's so fake"

that's because people have brands distinct from themselves

it's just a little more flashy and people are more aware of it now and it's not stifled by a job for life

no wonder so many city types have total nervous breakdowns

Everyone has a brand of sorts. Nobody wants to really know what you think of them, or your profession, or the world at large. Every time you vocally agree with someone about something you disagree with, every time you do something you don't really want to do - that's your brand. It's your business veneer. 

"Every time you vocally agree with someone about something you disagree with, every time you do something you don't really want to do - that's your brand."

No, that's the voluntary erosion of truth, integrity and reality: too much of that and you're truly lost. As for making a virtue out of it...

I suppose have a brand in that the work me is not the same as the me outside work.

Phsychopaths? Seriously. Check yo hyperbole. 

It's just the grease that makes the business world go round. The truth is only sociopaths actually like each other. The rest of us just play along in a merry-go-round of stress and self loathing. 

Do you know... we have a "women's semaphore group" at work.  I don't go because of various issues with it... they organised a talk on "improving your brand" which included a large section on getting hired of linkedin.  WE HAVE A STAFF SHORTAGE FOR DECENT STAFF AND WE'RE TRAINING THEM TO GET HIRED ELSEWHERE!

My brand seems to be "squirrel stuffing crazy" at work... I'm aiming more for Nancy Pelosi but it isn't working yet...


Like proper semaphore, but the flags are coordinated with the signaller’s shoes

"Every time you vocally agree with someone about something you disagree with, every time you do something you don't really want to do - that's your brand. It's your business veneer."

You can't really fused those two together... ...your personal brand should be who you are and it should be a demonstration of your integrity. A business veneer is a lie for commercial purposes...

My brand at works gives even less of a s**t than my personal brand.

using yourself to sell things ("your rband") necessarily entails lying because no real human is palatable to his fellow man

look at how we milkshake duck everyone and everything

Brand at work - yes. Personal brand - don’t think so. 

I can think of a couple of distinguishing features betty.

Ah yes, my twinkling eyes. First thing everyone notices. 

Yes.  I am disliked by certain firms massively.  It does not bother me.  I am always happy to negotiate and get things off my plate, and I wont pick points stupidly.. but if I pick it then I will pick it til it bleeds.

I am generally pedantic and enjoy ripping the other side's work to pieces.  I am particularly looking forward to a case I am running at the moment where the key evidence has come not from the client but from their external lawyer, who is managing partner at his firm and alleges he is some kind of litigation savant.  He has given evidence as to the client's repute and commercial activity without citing any sources.  He will need to be cross-examined, and his drafting of the particulars is so bad it led my professional institute to put a drafting workshop into a recent CPD.

Outside cases I think I am seen as a good laugh.  Game head = arsehole mode.

If you have deal with other people, and don't live in a hermit cave, its there whether you like it or not.

I've done loads of appraisals and as part of that I had to go round senior people and ask their views on various members of the team. 

Views came back like 'Oh, he's pretty good, but could do with buying a new suit'.

That shallow.