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Do you have any genuine phobias?

Me - claustrophobia.

Just got trapped in a cafe toilet when the lock jammed.

Very very bad times.

Now lying down.

I got locked in the toilet at my grandma's as a kid.

It had a key with a lock, not a bolt or similar. My dad had to talk me through sliding the key under the door so he could open it from outside while I was having a category 9 panic attack.

Nothing was wrong I just couldn't turn the key and then became irrationally frightened that I'd be stuck there for the rest of my life.

Sharks fukking petrify me.  Even where I know there aren’t any.  Including things like rivers or even swimming pools sometimes.

Spiders - make me cry

Height - makes my legs buckle, makes me dizzy

Slight claustrophobia in the sense that I'll do anything to avoid overcrowded tube or lift or airplane - makes me want to punch people or hyperventilate. Really takes all of my self-control to not do either. Found commuting to work in London therefore absolutely awful and exhausting.

I'm half expecting comical kwarteng to give a speech dressed like the last king of scotland any day now. 

I don't much like needles tbf.  I am not bothered about the pain, but I don't like to watch as they jab me and drain the blood like I'm in an 18th century barber shop.

The dark water i.e. when you are swimming in the sea and you cannot see what is beneath you (I thought it was because of Jaws, but I have been down in a cage with great whites and didn't have a problem).

Needles when having an injection - they make me cry every time.



Spiders.  They make my skin crawl.  The way they move.  Shudder.

I'm slightly claustrophobic.  I can deal with small spaces by not anything right in front of my face impinging my breathing.

Baked beans, spaghetti hoops, any of those tins with lumps in a tomatoey sauce. Can't even think of them without shivering. I blame early days comic relief with people sitting in baths of it, traumatised.

Large spiders, and insects larger than a finger.  Have nightmares every 6 months or so about them and wake up screaming.  Will never willingly live in any country that has lots of them, i.e. Australia.  

Fluttery things like moths or daddy long legs; jelly fish; seaweed when swimming - it grabs your legs and just aaaaagh

Not a phobia.. but I don’t like snakes.

I don’t freeze or scream and i’m not ‘terrified’ of them .. I just have a very healthy dose of nope .. about them.

I certainly wouldn’t want one draped around my shoulders for example. 

Living in Oz though I have plenty of reason to be concerned about them.


Also like Tricky when surrounded by a lot of people, in a confined space, it triggers my fight or flight response. 

emetophobia - fear of vomiting.  Started as childhood travel/motion sickness which developed because as an army brat I had to travel so regularly. 

Heights, but only where there's no barrier or I consider the barrier to be too low. 

Top of the empire state building - fine. The balcony on the inside of St Paul's - really not fine. 


Weird thing about height phobias is how different they are. Flying in a rattly piston engined helicopter, no problem. Commercial air travel, no problem.  The top of the Sagrada Familia or a car on a windy road with a sheer drop on one side, *voms*

Had a few years where I was terrified of flying. One day it just stopped and has never come back.

Crane flies.

I have that urge to jump from high places - that’s not a phobia, but it’s a fairly irrational feeling when on cliffs/high buildings. 

Yes, probably less of a fear of the height itself and more a fear of a Churchillian desire to, er, toss yourself off.

I think mine falls into the heights category.  Being in a tall building is fine but if i was outside on the top of it with no barrier then strong nope.

I was in York a few years ago and we all decided to walk the City Wall which is quite narrow in places and drops down, not that far, on one side.  I ended up having an anxiety attack and had to leave.

I think its the no barrier between me and falling that is the fear.  So planes, fine, hot air balloon would be a hell no despite always wanting to go in one.

Inside a large ship looking out fine.  Standing on a high deck with not much between me and falling to the sea far below, no.

When we redecorated our master bedroom on moving in i was responsible for the decorating ie misting and painting.  The ceilings are super high and standing on a platform with nothing around me to hold on to was a real challenge even though i was only 3/4 ft off the ground.

Oh and Clergs, i got stuck in a lift at work once.  I went from floor 8 to the ground and the lift shuddered and dropped between 7 and 6.  Only a short drop but it was pretty scary.  Then nothing.

I had to press the alarm and got a voice saying we will get an engineer out.  The fear then set in as i knew how long it took an engineer to come out for a photocopier!  Deep yoga breathing and half an hour later they freed me.  Would not recommend.

The york wall is bloody stressful! Last time i was on it some French people had brought up a giant pram and seemed bemused that this was a problem.

Glad it wasn't just me.  I clung to the wall for the first 20 metres and then though fook this shit and left.  Taking a pram on it is mental.