Do you give a fvck how much the Coronation is going to cost?
Sir Woke XR Re… 22 Sep 22 10:08
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I do not

No. Charles is a communist. He wants to turn Balmoral into some sort of  tourist attraction. Lord save us

The accession process taught me something I didn't know.  The Sovereign waives income from the Crown Estate and that is paid to the Government in return for funding of the Civil List. 

Over time this has been a significant gain for the Government as efforts to trim the civil list have taken effect and gains from a properly managed Crown Estate deliver some significant funding. 

The Crown Estate capital value is of course the Crown's gain, not the Govt, but the usual whinges about the cost of the Royals to the nation need to be considered in lihgt of this AND the income tax commitments since the 1990s. Now we just need Charles to lop off some hangers on from the civil list. Everyone but heirs and immediate family up to a neat number which stops just short of Prince Andrew is how I would do it.

Yes. We don't want some cheapsk8 "cost of living" bargain basement joke shop ceremony. It should cost ££ millions. 

Absolutely not. There is no way it will be more than 20 million quid (it will probably be half that) and that is genuinely a rounding error in the scheme of government funding.  The boost to tourism just in the days around the coronation will more than make up for it in tax revenues as well. 

If anyone is bothered about the cost the real saving would be to do it on the weekend and not give an extra bank holiday... 

it will resound for decades, in the way the footage of Elizabeth's coronation has. So it had better be a decent do. 

No, cos it will still be less than what was lost in that stupid PPE fvck up where the Govt lost money, paid their mates and lots of stuff was wasted. 

No, I am a republican basically but also a believer that if you are going to do something, you may as well do it right.   I take same attitude with BD, cant be bothered most of time but if I am going to take a client out it wont be half arsed.

Nope.  We do pomp and circumstance better than anyone ever.  As long as they don't shut costa this time or turn off dave, I am happy for them to go the full two testicles on this.  Will turn a profit PE shops could only dream of.

I just think we will never have a republic now cos there's just no point... if a monarchy has survived to 2022 in this form where it has no real sway over democracy then there is no foreseeable reason to get rid of it in my view other than vague complaints about privelige , being born into it being wrong etc. Which shrivel as soon as one thinks of figures such as Bojo or Blair having palaces and trumpeters following them round etc.


1649 was too early for our own overthrow of the monarchy.... there was no coherent vision for a post monarchy future then hence we just ended up with an even worse tyrannical d1ck in charge (Cromwell)

I reckon it will outlive me now at the very least so will be eternal AFAIC

The Civil List is now the Sovereign Grant. The hangers on don't draw income from what was the Civil List. It is more for admin costs and the like. Cue heated debate.

1649 was too early for our own overthrow of the monarchy.... there was no coherent vision for a post monarchy future then hence we just ended up with an even worse tyrannical d1ck in charge (Cromwell)

The Romans kept the republic going for 500 years. Is that still the record?     

As for Coronation I suppose there's alot of sunk costs. The Army has already been paid, the Royals don't playing but I imagine there's carriage costs, no pun intended.


love a bit of a parade

and it’s going 2 b a drop, nay a spec, in the ocean compared 2 how much the tozzas have cost the uk over the last decade

They just get the same old crown out every single time. Stop being such a bunch of cheapskates and buy him a new one.   

octo the various italian city-st7 republics must challenge that, but 4 major powers it’s got 2 b up there

No, because I would presume that the cost will be met by what the state receives from the Crown Estate. All of the income from the CE goes to the state, the Monarch as head of the Firm gets a Sovereign Grant (senior Royals are funded this way if they are on the Civil List). Therefore, one would expect that none of our taxes, VAT and NI will fund the Coronation, nor did the taxpayer 'fund' the funeral.



wot dux said. I will not be satisfied with the slimmed down version. I want trumpeters in gold and scarlet and coaches and horses and diamonds and pomp and ceremony with added ermine.