Do you fold you omelette?

i usually stuff it full of onion, cheese and bacon and fold it over so it’s a bit like a sort of omelette pasty.  My brother objected saying he prefers the contents sprinkled all over like a pizza.  

I find this odd.

You put the cheese onion and bacon in as an afterthought tecco?  I make them first then pour the eggs over in the pan.

one fold, cheese on top and a quick blast under the grill.  

Depends on what I'm making. Pizza-like is nice with a hard cheese, try it!

Supes will no doubt be along to tell me that is a fritata.


Not an afterthought, I cook them up first, then take them out of the pan and put to one side while I make the main omelette bit, melt in half the cheese, then put the contents in and the other half of the cheese on the top, wait for that to start melting then fold it over.

I dunno, horses for courses and all that but I like cutting into it and striking a vein of bacon and onion, all surrounded by gooey cheese.  

Oh and blue eggs definitely make the best omelettes I’ve decided, the yolk is so rich it is amaze.

Never heard of blue eggs.  apart from blackbird ones i spose.  presumably you can eat any egg in theory?  never thought about it b4.  i trust our ancestors picked right in going for chicken duck and quail.  and poss goose do people eat them?

I think people must eat ostrich eggs too because i have a weird factoid in my head that they take 3 hours to boil

@wang - yes people do, Harrods sell them for consumption. Can't imagine it would make a good omelette. Maybe a rather large quiche?

You've got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em..

Your brother is sicker than you. Donate meds. (Were you ever on Fentanyl for your pain issues btw?)

Yeah I was, still got some patches in case it gets bad.  5 microgram doses over 5 days per patch.  Makes you feel proper zoned out tho.

thanks - you've answered my question. My old dear is on a fentanyl drip in intensive care wtih button presser to order more up. They're talking about a brain scan tomorrow if she doesn't come around by then but I'm hoping it's just anaesthetic and fentanyl - sounds like it's more likely to be enthusiastic embracing of fentanyl than a stroke

Yeah IV fent knocks you right out, especially if used with a potentiator like Nefopam (which is how I use it so I can keep the fent dose low but get an increased effect).

Best wishes to you and your mum, hope she gets well soon by the way, meant to include that in last post but prematurely hit send.