Do you ever worry you're in the wrong timeline?

Like if you'd made better choices you'd be a better, happier and more successful and beloved person?

I am currently worrying this a lot. I mean if there are infinite possibilities among infinite universes I should probably have surfed this one better.

Just accept that out of the infinite possibilities of alternative selves and universes, you are realising the worst one.

What's the point of worrying about it?  better to view it as being at the epicentre of an infinite number of futures (tho you can probably strike off the world heaviweight champion)

I think in the worst one I killed a man in Texas, pp. Fortunately in this one I have never been to Texas.

You are right Wang I think though that I am poised on the need to make change before it's too late and what if the change is worse than before but then I'm stuck. Like my friend says hey clergs wanna come to my hen party in Texas and I'm all sure what's the worst that could happen.


Shake things up why not

I was thinking about the neanderthals and sapiens yesterday. What do you reckon led to our interbreeding? Like, were the women sapiens really into the muscly dudes or were the men into the slightly less strategic chicks or what.

free will is an illusion - your life is an inevitable consequence of your genetic make up and your environment so I wouldn't sweat it.

I agree that free will is an illusion but I believe we can make the best version of our selves with some strength of mind (which I know is also pre programmed but I feel it's like when you work really really hard on a dull exam and just MAKE yourself instead of watching Grimm until 3am and then having to resit)

I've made some good choices and some terrible ones but if I hadn't made some of the terrible choices I wouldn't have been in a position to make some of the good choices so guess it all kind of evens out in the end.

Re the Neanderthal/HS interface (or indeed the denisovans or the other ones who I have forgotten the name of who leave their genetic print on modern people), I fear that on the chap side for both, the views of the woman/neanderwomen  were probably not the deciding factor.

However, I prefer my previous theory that a halfblood neanderhuman would have been strong as an ox, quick and bright and is the true foundation for all ancient hero myths from Hercules thru hector and all the norse shyz


"which I know is also pre programmed but I feel it's like when you work really really hard on a dull exam and just MAKE yourself instead of watching Grimm until 3am and then having to resit"

that feeling of having made yourself do something you don't really want to do is just a more power/deeper level of the illusion.

This stuff is barely controversial anymore - it is not much spoken about because we don't know to deal with it.  That old curmudgeon Calvin was right after all, after a fashion.

So what about when you're in the middle of nowhere and have the choice between giving up and rolling over or doing something deeply unpleasant to survive?  How does the illusion of choice work there as I've made both choices at differing times.

I do basically agree, Guy (and this is the foundation of my why bother hanging around philosophy on existence) but I think you can tweak it. 

Est-ce que je devrais me tuer ou boire plutôt une tasse de café ?

I worry about this all the time. Continually wondering how on earth I got here.

In multiple all possible timeline universes you made all the right choices and are as happy as it is possible to be, somewhere. 

Whoo hooo. 


That's nice. I wonder what I'm doing. Certainly not sat at this desk.

I think you can tweak it. 


I really don't think you can but you can as a matter of logic and science, but you can in order to keep yourself sane - sure.

Clergs I will relate to you a tale from just now.

i am off today for a school thing and went to the high st to get sausage buns for a bbq i will be commanding in a manly style later this eve.  most of those words are not relevant tbh but they set the scene.  now some cock will say words with scene setting properties are always relevant.  at least i am using paragraphs (looks at mutters)...

anyway by the bench at the top of the hi st a lady of extreme vintage tripped and I (having preternatural reaction speeds for skinny fallers in my vicinity) caught her arm and helped her to a bench.  literally no1 cheered but there was a vague song du chaffinch.  

she said to me "thank you laddie* dont get old".  

I replied "the alternative doesnt seem a great option tho"** and then she "ho ho"'d and we had a nice chat about the history of the village since 1928 and all she had seen***

*gave her an ahem look

** realise u disagree 

*** had just watched the face of bo episode of dr who (tennant, cat hospice)****

**** my gdad (the one who wasnt a child beating psycho) was known as Bo for reasons i dont actually know*****

*****this is why lawyers are criticised for footnotes iant it******

******noticed the typo, but love the word iant.  there are deffo things that ians do that normal people wouldnt

gonna shut up now I have to say something on a work call

me too, they are ace

it must be actually nightmarish to be old and aware of how shit it is tho

I think I am going to give up food except for random mushrooms I find in the park

live dangerously etc

For all binary decisions, let fate/the universe decide and just toss a coin. No bad decision will ever then be your fault. 


Or try the Danny Wallace, "Yes Man" approach