Do you ever, have you ever entered a competition where you win something ?

TV,Radio or Magazine type stuff. Keith from Walsall was walking his tog when Andi Peters went to house this morning to give him 10k. He was walking the dog , and the Crew had to find him. Chap was genuinely chuffed.

Personally I have never, ever entered any competition, apart from the lottery a few times if that counts.

Remember reading an article years back from a woman who effectively made a living out of entering every free competition she could possibly find.     I mean she entered dozens a day, but it did pay off.

When I was a teenager, I used to enter the comps in teen mags.  I once won a "Quigley Down Under" promotional suede waistcoat.

Always preferred Andi Peters to Phillip Schofield.

Jesus Christ how is that guy 52?  I bet he still gets ID'd in Tescos

Nice work. An acquaintance wanted to take her 2 pre-schoolers to see the Disney animated sequel The Rescuers Down Under. On autopilot she entered the multi-plex and walked into the first screen she saw that was showing "something Down Under".

Needless to say, watching Tom Selleck in avenging angel mode caused a certain amount of anguish all round.

I once won a Palm PDA back in the day from entering an online competition. That was ace.

There was a lovely poster on here back in the day who was a serious comp'er. There are two kids at my work (cousins) whose mums are comp'ers and regularly win major holidays.

I won something in the surrey comet when I was little but can't remember what it was - I just remember the phonecall to say I'd won.

Yes, I won return flights to Vegas on a (now failed) business class only airline, from the Evening Standard. £4k worth. 

It was  a word wheel puzzle and the answer was 'Casino'. So not a particularly challenging one.


Yes - I (and 25 other lucky sods) beat off 1000 people to win a training contract place at an international law firm.

It has led to many years of well remunerated drudgery and boredom.

I always mean to enter that one where you win a squillion pound house and a car you couldn't afford to insure.

But then I forget to.

I won a Pierrot jewellery box by sending in my name on a postcard for girl magazine when I was about 9. I was over the moon! 


I believe that I won a copy of either Operation: Wolf or Operation: Thunderbolt from Your Sinclair back in the 80s.

My name was printed in the magazine and everything. Had never been so excited.

Can't remember if it ever arrived.

I don’t recall ever even entering a phone-in competition, although I did once call in to an LBC type politics chat thing to protest some particularly idiotic views being expressed - something that backfired when it turns out a couple of my colleagues heard me while in a taxi (where else would one hear LBC) and I faced mockery, albeit light,

I did, as a child, win a primary school essay competition on the subject of crime prevention. I’ve always been a genuinely talented writer. Researching it was quite easy as I wrote about car theft prevention and, being a junior petrolhead, I was expert in that anyway.

I won a fancy weekend bag from Vogue years ago. I was very pleased with it and used it for yoga until quite recently when it eventually wore out.

I won a bottle of fizz counting how many balloons someone was wearing at a party. 

Nope not random stuff like TV raffles but have won sports things and that 

Won a tenner on the lottery a few times I guess 

I won £10k in a comp like that once

also won flights, hotel stays (4 times), tickets for gigs

you’ve got to be in it to win it 

I won a drinks cooler in some completion out in Cayman, didn"t even know I had entered it.

I filled it with ice and beer, grilled a few steaks and had a few friends round chatting and watching the sunset over the ocean.

Good times.

Won an fully expensed trip to Italy once for completing the slogan: "Chianti is the perfect accompaniment to Italian food because......" 


Won a an iPad once. Also won a few grand on a breakfast radio phone in. Won a VHS of Sliding Doors in Blockbuster magazine about 24ish years ago. Fun times. 

  • £25 of shopping vouchers for the local shopping centre (about 35 years ago)
  • remote control car
  • bottle of JD single barrel
  • tickets to a test match at Lords
  • rugby ball alarm clock (played the commentary from Jonny W’s World Cup winning kick)

Heh @ chambo’s “I won a drinks cooler and used it as a drinks cooler” anecdote

I won a bottle of whiskey when I was 17, and my dad immediately took it from me on the grounds that I wasn't 18 and gave me a fiver in exchange. 

I won the Gluckstein prize and the Buchanan prize, with similar results.