Do you define yourself in very large part by what you do for a living?
Sir Woke XR Re… 03 Mar 21 14:47
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Me: yes ofc

What on earth is there to be remembered by? “Oh he was nice to his family.” I mean I am, but any doss twat can be nice to his family.

No.    People that are proud of being commercial solicitors do my head in.  It is a career for reasonably well educated people who couldn't think of anything else to do

What you fail to explain, Guy, is why that means it isn’t anything to be proud of

because it is generally the result of taking the line of least resistance rather than making the effort to carve out a properly interesting or meaningful career.  I don't think that is much to be proud of.

I see.

Youre wrong, though. That’s the thing.

You hate your job Laz, so it's odd to define yourself by it

i appreciate this post has handed you the hook for a rant you were craving 

its a personal thing I guess, I just think solicitors who think they are something special are rather laughable.

I don’t hate my job, but even if I did, that wouldn’t change the fact that we are defined by what we do for a living.

If you hate it, change it.

Defining yourself by your job is nothing to do with thinking you are special.

I’m not sure that’s a legitimate use of the word “fact” there laz 

Love the way you guys think you know me tho.

“You hate your job Laz”

er u wot

I’m not sure I give much of a fvck about how some internet random with a bad Desmond from Reading defines “fact” tbh

It is a career for reasonably well educated people who couldn't think of anything else to do

In fairness Laz has thought of (and to his credit in some cases actually done) lots of other things.

For me its 100% something I've drifted into and hence really not very much at all.

The clue is Laz you told us you quit.  Was that not true?

Being proud of your job isn't the same thing as defining yourself by it is it?

No,  but I think they are linked.  I don’t think many toilet cleaners would define themselves by that role.

No it wasn’t true! Nor is half the other shit I or anyone else post on here. HTH

Laz it may come as a surprise to you but:

1 - each of the "employees" are repalceable; and

2 - on day 4 after your departure from a job, no one cares. 

what makes you think toilet cleaners are not proud of their jobs

Well even fantasising about quitting suggests you don’t love your job

Just a hunch.  I don’t know any, perhaps I am wrong.

No, but if you consider yourself to have failed then it is easy to define yourself by a job that you aren't proud of. 

Yes my mistake, you've never repeatedly told the board that you hate law, and that it is an evil drain on your personal time and energy, and something recent and dramatic about it leaving you a husk of a man unable to devote all your energies to your family.

My mistake. Must have been someone else.

have you sustained a brain injury in the last few years?

Guy no offence m8 but your instinct and empathy for human nature fooking define “third rate” which is why you still live alone well into your forties. I do not fantasise about leaving my job and even if I did it wouldn’t mean I don’t define myself by it, WHICH FAOD IS NOT THE SAME THING AS LOVING IT ANYWAY.

Probably was someone else tbh Linda. Never mind.

All gotta start somewhere riskers

Nope,  I live alone having lived with several partners,  over the course of many years, through choice.  It is not a case of “still” living alone and it says nothing about my instinct or empathy for human nature.

It's one of those laz threads, Guy. He's probably hoping strutter will come and play 

Fine, Guy, and loving or loathing your job says nothing about whether you’re defined by it, nor vice versa

Probably somewhere above m8. fooked if I can be arsed to read back and check tho.

I love the way you guys think you know me tho. “Oh Laz oh Laz haven’t you quit your job?”. Er no, what of it.

My life is a constant tug of war between my job & having a life. I hate to think of myself as a lawyer first, and if asked I generally say I work in the professional services sector...

Truth is we all end up in the same place anyway whatever we do or don’t do for a living and those who remember us will probably remember us for the time we spent with them & how we made them feel rather than by what we did. Always try to be kind, whatever you do, etc.

I’m not religious really so as far as I know when I die everyone might think I’m a tosser & I’ll be none the wiser. Because we really don’t matter at all in the grand scheme of things. What matters is the here & now.