Do they not wash?

By this I mean The apprentice bods. I’m just catching up with last week but note a recurring trend. 


The call at sparrow fart to the house usually engenders a mad rush for hair straighteners, make up and dressing for the day and then they’re off. 

They pootle off in cars to see Suralen and flying monkeys for their task and then, same clothes same moment, the task starts for a day of idiocy. 


But in all of this no no one has had a SHOWER. Practically speaking they must all STINK. The idea of going off to work without showering is minging. 

Is it just me who finds this grim? I’m missing the point I’m sure but standards people. 

Who has a shower in the morning unless they're sick?!

Normal humans?

Do you really go to work without washing? 

I wash at night. I have a shower if I've had sex or a stomach bug but not for its own sake. Washing twice a day is terrible for eczema etc. And a bit OCD.

Not showering in the morning is fucking weird but not unexpected from a Scot.

Hmm. Fair enough. I just don’t like the idea of not washing am pre work. Probably why I find the idea of this lot weird. That and the fact that they’re cast iron muppets. 

The whole thing is a sham. They film it in about two weeks and the time of day is not always as it appears.

Bathing every 24 hours just before you sleep is for infants though . Going out of the house as an adult with a night's worth of sleep perspiration and skin regeneration still on board is grim.

This is one of the most shocking ROF disclosures.


how can you not wash before putting clothes on and getting out to work. 

Gross. Literally nothing has stopped this occurring in my life. Ever. Gross beyond gross. 

I guess if there’s a one in a few representation that doesn’t wash it explains why London is so fucking rank in the summer. I could never understand why first thing people were malodorous. Now I know!

Obsessive showering is for hot climates such as Australia 

Clergland is on the same latitude as St Petersburg ffs 

No reason why they shouldn't wash tho - but I have observed that many Brits don't 

I am confident I never smell bad. I have many flaws but not that. I guess maybe it's my genetic boon. Shame I didn't get looking ten years younger or big tits instead.

Genuinely if you smell first thing I think you should see a doctor or at least go down a tog

Everyone assumes they smell fine. The tube in that there London suggests not everyone is right. 

I don't assume, I know. I don't think most women smell either, it's a man problem.

Maybe. Maybe not. Regardless of whether you actively smell surely the routine of a shower, hair wash, body lotion perfume etc, the washing away of sleep is part of a normal pleasant morning? Even at the moment with 5.30 get ups I wouldn’t skip it. It’s general personal husbandry no?

I dunno, I suppose if you are in a mindset of wanting your life to hurry to its end washing probably seems pointless.

I can't imagine Bailey is capable of smelling tbf. But not showering of a morning is a bit yuck.

You’re a sweet little petal on occasion aren’t you Ducko 

I find having an autistic ablutions routine pretty tragi. Maybe they would normally have a home shower but in this case have things to be getting on with.

"Who put the spoon the wrong way round in the drawer?!?" *Rends self*

Nope. I think you’re a minority of one on this Clergham. I’m glad it wasn’t just me in the weird not to shower esp in the summer observation. Although guessing as observed up there ^^ that the whole thing is edited to fuck. 

when I worked on an offshore island without running water I showered once a week 

anyone who does anything more energetic than document shunting all day would rather shower in the evening after work and not bother in the morning before a day outside getting dirty

TBF, I used to shower the night before until I was 17/18, as I hated getting up a second earlier than I had to, and off to school I went unshowered but feeling tidy even though I laid in a bit.

Showering in the morning has two advantages, it properely wakes you up, feeling refreshed from your night of slumber, and the second is it cleans you after you have been sweating whilst sleeping.

Have you noticed you can usually tell if someoe has not showered in the morning at work, you have this musky smell about you. The weekends if I am hungover, and not going out I often won't shower untill the evening, and all day I can even on myself smell this rank musky smell.

also when you need to be up for dawn in the summer who can be arsed?

@ bailey, when they get the call from siralan they have I suspect been preped before, have you noticed how they always appear to be awake? That is because a) they know when the call is coming, and b) because there is a posse of sound men and camera crew there, so they would be awake with all that hustle and bustle

Yeah what merk said

I think it's a very particular type of goody little two shoes who does things for no reason beyond that's what you do who has Views on this


I suspect you’re right ebitda. 


Clerg, you do realise that you too are expressing a view on this right? I mean it’s a contrary view of course but it’s a view.

I guess that some things don’t change on this forum though. One assumes that piersandmatthew upped your click bait salary once the new improved website went live otherwise you’ve been done over love. 


Anyway, bedtime ici and I suspect you’ve got a shower to take so adieu for now. 

I suspect you’re right ebitda. 


Clerg, you do realise that you too are expressing a view on this right? I mean it’s a contrary view of course but it’s a view.

I guess that some things don’t change on this forum though. One assumes that piersandmatthew upped your click bait salary once the new improved website went live otherwise you’ve been done over love. 


Anyway, bedtime ici and I suspect you’ve got a shower to take so adieu for now. 

Wtf, who on earth doesn't shower in the morning?  Nasty.  I go to more extreme lengths and shower at least twice a day but I'd suggest the morning shower makes meetings somewhat more pleasant for your colleagues ffs.


I don't think I've had a shower in years, apart from getting caught in a few rainstorms. I don't like them. Evening bath with a good book and a glass of red wine. Not that I don't wash and shave in the mornings of course.

My view is do whatever you like but if you mock people for doing something different you are being lame. There is evidence that twice a day is bad for your body flora and anyone who exercises would prioritise evening, I would have thought. But do two or morning if you prefer just don't be supercilious about it. 

I used to be a bath person but now just for special Epsom salts occasions.

Cookie you don't strike me as a particularly clean person so I am not sure your contribution adds gravitas to any given position.

clergs what and where is the "evidence" that showering twice a day is "bad for you" ( My emphasis added)

Clergs don't you feel it would be desirous to wash off the bacteria and bedbugs and whatnot that accumulate naturally over night?  I really can't understand this one.

Long hot showers will trash the natural lipids and oils and all that jazz, but quick warm soapy cleansing won't.  They will just stop you being rank.

I doubt it matters if you shower in the evening or shower in the morning. 

Seems pretty grim to go to sleep caked in a day's commuter sweat etc, some merit in going to bed fresh and waking up fresh

I think a lot of the above inability to comprehend that some might have a slightly different shower routine is just standard english ocd, you know the same impluse that gave us trainspotters and endless cookery shows.

Routine varies depending on where I'll be.  I have a lot of very early starts (4am and 5am) if I am working away... This is because I choose not to go to hotels the night before if I can avoid it.

In those cases, I shower the night before.  At home, the hot shower and shower gel (Cornwall Bath company - highly recommend) is a joy of the morning.... and the lavender shower is a joy of the evening....

That said, I change my sheets twice a week because I love the feel of clean bedlinen and I keep animals out the bedroom.

I don't think I'm particularly a sweaty betty having lain in a clean bed for 6 hours...but then I'm single and old so I may not be doing what you lot are doing in bed....

No Englishman showers in the morning, particularly if they don't have central heating

This is Northern Europe ffs

Foreign habit brought here by Australians and Yanks 

And if youre out at night or working very late do you still bathe when you get home?

They do not wash as we that are clean do wash.

Soap doth not bother them, nor the hot shower cleanse.

In the morning and at the going down of the sun we shall keep smelling them .

"I bet I smell better than any of youse right now"


I smell of Un Jardin après la Mousson so I very much doubt it.

I always shower at night... going to bed clean and fresh smelling is one of the joys of life.  Just whether I have time to shower in the morning as well. :)

FTAOD, when I'm not leaving at stupid o-clock.... I feed my own livestock so it wouldn't be feasible not to shower in the morning :)

I always used to shower at night rather than in the morning. I'd wake up fresh as a fvcking daisy. Unless you're doing something energetic or you're too hot or have overactive sweat bacteria I fail to see how you'd get "dirty" overnight.

Nowadays I shower less at night because I'm lazy and find that I can't be bothered with the whole hair drying rigmarole afterwards. Morning showers are stress because I usually get up too late and then get in to work too late and it's just a hassle.