Do law firms need

A head of sustainability? 

It's funny how uncomfortable famous economic libertarian risky is with private business making its own decisions when they go against his prejudices.

eg. protesting "go woke, go broke" when business who understand their own customer bases "go woke" knowing the exact opposite is true

I didn’t say whether I thought they needed one or not. I just wonder whether it could be something done by an existing person. There must be a standard checklist for all offices that can’t be too difficult, turn lights out, recycling etc. But do you need to create a separate role is my question. 

I don't know but I think their job is making the operations of the law firm more sustainable

And probably saving money in the process 

Risky - what does an AML team member day look like?

That doesn't make sense risky and even if it did, being a sole practitioner is not an insult ffs

Yes my firm takes AML very seriously - send over your CV risky and I'll see if we can get you in 

Quite tempted tbh, I’ve a deep understanding of the industry and I enjoy getting new qualifications. Looks like a good job where you make a difference and don’t have to work like a dog as much as lawyers do.

it’s really not, and certainly not on a per hour basis

I’d willingly take a very substantial pay cut to be guaranteed knock off by six.

My firm is even using cellulose document front covers rather than those old clear plastic ones as part of our drive to reduce our impact on the environment.  

is your ceo driven about in an electric car, a hybrid, or some other car?  please provide all relevant details!


is your ceo setting the tone by only eating red meat once a week?  a fish rots from its head!