did this pan out for you?

Hardly anyone in my school got hardcore acne.  there was a bloke at the rugby club, dave, who looked like someone had taken a cheezegrater to his entire upper half.  he ended up with his own building co.

another bloke Jim Neerly had a glandular thing that gave him one boob.  He also told us he'd backed out of losing his vbadge because of god and was known from then on as neerly in...

I got prescribed antibiotics in giant tubs to help with mine. 

Economics prize at school and now living the dream as an in house lawyer. 

Statistics is v misleading.  

Statto says “kids with acne do well in the labour market” and we hear “kids with acne get rich”.  

In fact statto means that kids who have acne are better at getting a job and keeping it.  Nothing to do with the very tiny segment who become rich.