Did Corbyn vote against Ref2?
PerfidiousPorpoise 14 Mar 19 19:24
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Too lazy to google. Could have repercussions for the youth vote?

pp, no one, except maybe future students of politics, is going to remember all the twists and turns of all this and there will be a gazillion PhDs in whose fault was disastrous Brexit, i dont think it will matter - you cba to google now, none of us can, this whole debacle is going to be rife with people arguing and selectively remenbering who said what

Even the people’s vote official and unofficial campaigns asked people to vote against, timing is wrong, they want the idea put to Parliament later in the process. It’s not gone away. 

the vote on the 2nd ref/people vote was brought by sarah Wollaston of the TIG group who can barely last 5 minutes without talking about a people's vote

an speaker Bercow refused a vote on a conservative amendment  to rule out a people's vote (he remains about as impartial as Mrs 'bollox to brexit' Bercow)



It's a bit like the site manager at waco not being impartial to everyone tucking into the soft beverages, tbf.

The no peoples vote motion would never have passed. Labour would have whipped against for one thing 

Go on Jezz. Go for a people's vote! Who's votes do you want most, those in the northern heartlands predominantly olde4 brexiteeers or the under 30s predominantly remain and for whom you're Magic Grandpa? Well at least until you're honest about yourr views anyway. 

Both obviously you devious spinleless little antisemic cunt.