Dey tuk his 'spoons

that is a fine example of local news reporting

"Kevin Long said he went to the Chapel Road pub on October 19 after returning from a holiday in Benalmádena on the Costa del Sol in Spain and had a pint of his favourite ale, Ruddles County, at around 10.30am with his wife of two years, Sarah."

"He was inspired to go public"

"It is more expensive drinking elsewhere. Ruddles was £1.89 in The Three Fishes, and for a pint of IPA in Thieves it is £3.20. And then, in The Warwick it is £2.90 on weekdays, and on the weekends it goes up to £3.60, so it is quite a jump."

"This is the second drama in recent days for The Three Fishes, after a car crashed into the front of the pub, injuring three people."

He looks like quite the debonair catch.  I don't get why bar staff would take umbrage at his familiarity.

Loving his sense of humour there.  They've shut my local 'Spoons so can't even go there to get banned.

I am reminded of a Viz ‘Top Tip’

”Fans of Michael Jackson, recreate your hero’s groundbreaking ‘Thriller’ video by simply visiting you local Weatherspoons at 11am on any Saturday morning.”

Them's good prices I am surprise the Famile du Strut are not already moving to Worthington

I'm not surprised with Ruddles County.  They'd have to pay me to drink it.

I have a first class ticket to Worthing in my pocket as we speak.



Lady Bracknell.

First Class?  You?

my disbelief remains unsuspended

Well if you can’t get a pint at 10.30am what’s the world coming to?

In his Sunday best and all.

If people who work in "pods" are travelling First Class, maybe the Remainers are right; the country really has gone to the dogs. 

On a serious note, this sounds like the sort of Little Hitler attitude to which we have become accustomed in this country.