A new feature length edition of the much loved tv comedy is to air later this year.


Hmm - good sitcoms rarely translate well into feature length pieces.

Still, I will happily watch it and be glad to be proven wrong.

I dont understand why people love this so much - I mean its ok, I like it, its better than last of the summer wine as a gentle pastoral comedy by a long shot, but its not all that.

Yeah I struggle to think of a comedy that's worked in a feature format. That said, it is mindblowingly good and if anyone can, Mackenzie Crook can.

Guy, it is pure pleasure. The acting, the music, the scenery, the downbeat humour.

Yeah fair enough won’t argue - I enjoy it myself- just don’t put it up there in the pantheon of the greats as many seem to

Watched it from the beginning and loved it. Can’t really explain why, but I think that’s part of it.

what other have said about why it's so good, plus it's different, it takes its time, there are some lovely moments with support characters, who are all well-drawn characters in their own right. 

Eg one of my favourite bits is in the episode where they have the DMDC rally and Varda finds something in the earth.  Later we see her in the distance and background, down on one knee with Louise for a couple of seconds, then she stands up and they hug. And that's it. So beautiful and understated. 

Another moment that always makes me lol is, after various comments throughout the series about Hugh being so young, him being referred to as "young Hugh", and the implication that Russell kinda looks out for him, when Russell asks Hugh if he's told his parents about staying out late and Hugh says he doesn't live with his parents and Russell is astounded and Hugh says he's 32.  Hehe! 

Just put the music on on the basis of this thread alone.  Just enjoy its simplicity.  No grand dramas, just every day village foibles centred around a quest for treasure.

There are little repeat jokes that they don't properly develop, and are therefore all the funnier for it because the balloon never pops.  Example - uh-oh here come Simon & Garfunkel again. 

Image result for varde detectorists 

Also Rachel Stirling is adorable and the friction story line between her and McKenzie Crook is slowly paced but well played. 

The funniest bit hands down in the entire series is when the dmdc visit Teds house and his wife serves everyone lemondade drank by all but Ted, Lee and Lance calling back (I think) the same joke in a previous series. You have to see it to get it but it’s beautiful. 

I also love the stuff about the landowner and his imaginary dogs and when he calls them to chase away Simon and Garfunkel, 2 waggy retrievers appear and duly chase S and G.  And then Sophie says, they're lovely, Larry, and Larry says, yes, aren't they lovely.  Just a perfect little coda to the joke.  

Also that scene in the last series, beautifully acted, where Sophie Thompson's character is talking with Lance about having a child but not being able to watch them grow up, wondering where they are and what they're doing. We know the relevance of that for him, but it's clear she has that story too. We're never told and we don't need to be. Again so much of the pathos is in what's unsaid. It's just a perfect little moment.

This is the only series I've ever watched three times all the way through and now I want to watch it a fourth.

It is superb - even the fact that Lance doesn't notice is just right. He's just understandably wrapped up in his own experience. Brilliant.