Designer Gins

Getting to be a problem? Following on from the alcohol thread, I went to a beer festival last weekend which might as well have been called a beer and gin festival.

Then went to an afternoon party where everyone was getting off their heads on it. Taste this, its really good, cucumber, raspberries, all kinds of stuff they put in them. Little artisan distilleries.

I looked at the bottles, 22% alcohol? They couldn't taste it. I don't like gin anyway

I stuck to red wine.

Chambo, you should have come to the Guildford Beer Festival instead. Hundreds of excellent beers from dozens of local breweries. I think there might have been a gin tent, but I didn't see a single person drinking the stuff.

That’s a brilliant chamboism right there and I say that with affection.

You should have gone to the main tent then. There wasn't a gin glass to be seen. Must have been 150 beers though.

This is like when they stopped making The Thick of It. He’s beyond parody now.

I'm beyond parody Stix? 

Take a look around the board.

I just pop in from time to time, not really a regular poster.

Why exactly is it causing a problem?

Most gins are around the 40% mark though, like other spirits.

Ignore her Chambo, she didnt go to a proper school and so doesnt know her Hogarth

Remember when gin was something only your gran drank? I'm loving the renaissance.

By contrast to the gin, I’d imagine the red wine being served at the Guildford beer festival is top notch stuff. 

They’ve removed the age restriction on the Turner prize haven’t they?

A friend of mine is doing dating at the moment. Apparently some of these chics on Guardian Soulmates and Bumble (or whatever the kids use these days) list "Gin" as an interest

Gin is not an interest

Yet none of them listed Lord Flasheart’s (sic) internet posts.

Flashback to last summer when I spent the day getting leathered at the London Craft Beer Festival and then met a bunch for rof drinks on the southbank. Everyone else had just left work so I must have looked in a right state.

Love that Dux and Chambo were at the same beer/gin festival, but Chambo saw too much gin and Dux only beer. Reckon Chambo should have had the same amount of gin Dux did at the event, then the two of them could have gone all Highlander.

It is certainly getting to be a problem if people are selling a drink at 22% alcohol and claiming it is a Gin.  Disgraceful.


P.s I do like the phrase "designer" it has a 1980s, sink the Belgrano, that kind of vibe. 

Ah Tom buggerit get down to Cornwall, we deserve to have beers together and talk nerd.

Crude and slow, Chamboman. Your swig was no better than that of a clumsy child! Don't forget your rubgy. If your hand comes away from your glass, it's over.

I think they prefer the term 'artisinal' to designer and yes 22% is far too low to be calling it gin.

Also makes me think of when my brother and I went to the London Whisky Show which was 7 hours of hard core sampling and a nice lunch.

Tecco I am unfortunately hardly in the country never mind Cornwall, but will be in London on Friday.

I had a few beers at that festival, very good. The gin thing was at a do the next day. 22% or 40% abv, I doubt whether they knew. Just cool tastes they said. I'd rather not drink flavoured poison.

Pretty sure you can't actually call it gin if it's below 37.5% ABV.  

Nobody is forcing you to drink it, Chambo, you plum.

I didn't Anna. Plum brandy is another thing altogether by the way. Called Slivovice or similar.

Don't hold a lighter over your glass. It will catch fire.

I was on the Šlivovica last week. As it goes. It was as grim as I remembered it. Still, when in the Balkans etc.

Hope you had a good one, Buzz.

Ladies, all the ladies, louder now, help me out ...

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Found a pic of the Guildford Beer / Gin Festival. Dux is visible on the right. 


On this subject I was in Estonia recently and bought something described as small batch gin that was actually pretty good.