Derry Girls

Just watching the second series, very funny. Can't help but feel the world was a bit better 20 years ago (putting aside the minor things like socially-acceptable racism and homophobia)

Ofc it was (but yeah no way Claire would've come out in 1997 Derry)

Saw a tweet asking "When was the best year to be 18?"

One answer was "The year you were 18".  Think that's spot on.

I was 18 in 2004, don't remember it being that good really

I wouldn't go back to being 18.

Or even 30.

Fuck that.

I'd stay 40 forever, but go back and have a vasectomy.

Heh no u wouldn't

40 is a good age I think (maybe more for men but maybe not)

18 at school I didn’t enjoy. 18 at university - one of the best years of my life. Loved being 14. Indeed, I am pretty much a 14 year old girl in the body of a 42 year old woman. 

Main memories of early 2000s:

- nu-metal

- George Bush's malapropisms, which now seem almost charming given the present situation

- ill-advised military entanglement

And on a personal level, huge neurosis and the fear that women found me completely repulsive. No, I wouldn't go back.

On the plus side, everybody wasn't yet permanently glued to their phones

I think the worst part for me was the creeping realisation that most people are NOT decent and working hard or being clever are NOT all that relevant and yeah life is going to be bad 

I have just discovered Derry Girls and found it laugh out loud funny. I wish there was more of it.

I was also 18 in 2004 and it was a bit meh.

I do not understand how people are just finding out about it now when I have been roffing about it for actual months

clearly my dreams of becoming a tastemaker are in vain :(

Yeah that'll do it. I now have that plus the understanding that time corrodes everything.

I watched the first series when it was on Netflix Clergham! I was hoping you'd respond to this thread though since I know you like the programme.

ok I am mollified then


I think if anything I enjoyed s2 more because the arc is so good


have you reached the travellers bit?

My 19th year was definitely the best of my life. All downhill since then.

I just love James - everything he says is what I feel about Irish stuff (except his position on fish and chips)

Did any of youse watch Moone Boy, similar concept but a boy growing up in late 80s County Boyle. That was very funny. 

Heh! I feel for James, the part where they laugh at him trying to make friends with "lads" by saying lads make friends with other lads and not people like him. Too real.

heh it is funny because he is unwittingly really cool - I hope young people learn from this


I like the scene where they're all shouting out things they hate as they try to hit the ball with the rounders bat and James comes out with all hit pent up wage about the NIrish using the word "wee" to describe everything EVEN THINGS THAT AREN'T THAT SMALL!

The French do it too. Infuriating.

Spotters badge for Clergs there, Boyle is indeed the town. 

It is different in tone and more focused on the family but yes I think it’s as funny as Derry Girls. 

I like it but find it a bit exhausting as it's so shouty

the Take That episode was brilliant

I need to rewatch.  It's so so good 


its a shame the actor who plays Claire is a fud  though 

I know

although a lot of the young ones are easily led

She's a what?

I love Derry Girls. The 90s references make me so happy.


but you talk to me and I say it all the time! (it means fanny)

That's true but you don't have cause to call me a fud ;)

Why is she one? Bearing in mind I am not on social meeeja and miss a lot of the sleb bullsh1t as a result.

Is it wrong to fancy Erin? I mean irl she's in her mid 20s..

she is really tedious about it (one of those "aren't terfs the worst" ones)

also I find her "never give up on your dreams" shtick a bit exhausting

Christ. Does no one understand basic sodding biology?!

Re "Never give up on your dreams" - does that include the weird one I had the other night where I was running away from rising flood waters?!

Wait she's trans?

*contemplates taking Derry Girl d1ck*