Dental implants -anyone had these?

And what are your experiences? Seems at first blush very invasive 

My godfather has and he was so happy that he appeared in a radio advert for the people who did his.  Personally as my teeth my perfectly adequate I have no intention of enduring a huge amount of pain unnecessary pain.

Yes, I had a front tooth replaced.  OMG the pain.  Do not undertake this without a lot of thought.  It's pretty brutal surgery and I looked like a chipmunk for about a week or more afterwards.  Pain was excruciating and I was sick a lot with it.  It also came loose once and I had to go back and get it tightened.  They also needed to put some pig matter in my gums as a bone graft.  In actual fact I shouldn't have really had one but as it was my front tooth I didn't have many options.  I smoke so the gum didn't heal properly with it.  It does look v natural though and now (about 4 years later its fine although gum is still misshapen.

I need one and the dentist swears to me things have moved on and its routine and relatively painfree now.  I've had loads of very invasive and painful work on my teeth and are not usually squeamish at all, but the thought of having something screwed into my jaw is giving me real trouble. 

Have a temp filling in which will give way any time, but just can't bring myself to schedule the op.   

Is this where they file your tooth down to a spike/stub and fit something over it? Sounds horrendous.

People do it in Turkiye on the cheap, don't they?

Am in the process of getting one (two actually, next to each other). Actually had to have a molar removed so all in all it'll be a year before I have my implant. Process:

- have molar removed. This was quite rough as they 'shave' the jawbone to prepare for implant. Not pleasant at all but not too painful. Minor swelling for a day, stitches for ten days of so and yuck mouth wash.

- 4 months later have screws fixed in place. Hated this. Hated it with a vengeance. No nerves in bone so not painful, except they slice open your gums, work on the bone some more and drill the screws in. I cried. Minor swelling for two days, stitches for 14 and yucky mouthwash and antibiotics.

- in 3 months they'll put caps on. That will have to heal again and then I get my two teefs. 

4/5k lighter and a year later I'll be able to smile again without showing a gap. 

But do it.

PP it's where you have a titanium screw drilled into your jaw then capped with a crown. It is v v painful

I reiterate - it is very painful.  If it's not a front tooth I would seriously consider other options.  You see Tricky's experience seems a lot better than mine.  But as I said I'm a smoker and we aren't ideal candidates - nor are recreational drug users (not saying any of you are that of course and I'm not).

Had it done on a molar. Wasn’t as painful as root canal. Also they offer sedation. It was fantastic apart from waking g up one morning g mwith a mouth full of blood and said it was just a clot, removed it and I was fine. I imagine a front tooth might be a bit worse with swelling and stuff. But overall I’d highly recommend it. 

Was OP not on this very board asking advice on expensive braces recently? 

Has anyone experience of new types of dentures? I need to plug a gap ( not front) but the above does not sound good. 

I have. One incisor. Including the lump of denatured cow bone inserted into my jaw. The most painful bit was getting my card out; though I had nearly a year of the procedure to pay a total of £4,700.

Brilliant result so far.

I would like one, but in practice the haemophilia makes it a no-go, really. Private dental facilities don't really have the wherewithal, and having it done in a full-monty private medical hospital is going to push it into 5 figures.

I can't have it done in an NHS hospital because - implants aren't available on the NHS. (That's not a complaint, the NHS is keeping me alive currently.)


blimey benj, that's a big deal. Do you get transfusions (PEOPLE - give blood, ffs)

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Obviously this thread is well timed for Martin Amis RIP and his teef issues

Broke a molar on a chupa chup while trying to quit ciggies. Had an implant. Totally painless - don’t recognize some of the pain descriptions here! I’m a wimp normally. 

I had one about ten years ago and I can’t remember any pain. I just remember a really hot dentist talking about cashmere weirdly! 

The mad thing is , a) Dentists underplay the surgery and the post op impact it has in relation to pain and swelling and the like, b) It is no longer a new technique, it as a process is well understood and is a commoditised procedure, yet they want 2.5 k per tooth upwards.

The margin must be huge. I have a perfectly good looking and aligned incisor on the upper arch , but on X Ray it is infected, and will get worse ultimately resulting in pain and abscess , none of which can be predicted as to when it will happen. Having had an abscess , twice before I certainly don't care for another. The worst pain I have probably experienced. The self employed " oral and implant surgeon" gave me one option , removal and replacement with an implant. 3.5 k please.

The staff senior associate employee, said bollocks to that, have a Maryland Bridge, just as good and as effictive, no complications, or pain, much quicker and save yourself 2.5 k. I got a second opinion and they confirmed a bridge was the way forward. As a former smoker, the risk of complication is massively increased, he failed to mention that!

Just came back from seeing my Ortho and Dentist, the latter of which said dont spend all that money on a Implant as my colleague suggested, its  very painful across the whole piece, it may well fail, particularly as you are a former smoker, and takes 6 months 

So a Maryland bridge it is, what an utter revelation these seem to be. 

I'll have to google that Maryland Bridge - never heard of it.  Mine didn't fail as a current smoker but those who said they can't recall pain - seriously it was the worst ever.

Mistee, Dentists always under play the pain bit. I was told root canals don't hurt anymore. Not one person I have spoken to says that is true. Thankfully a second opinion meant I didn't need one.

Had a number of extractions in two sessions, including loosing two wisdom teeth. The dentist lied, and said mild swelling and discomfort for 24 hours. Big pain, bleeding gums for over a week, stitches took 3 weeks to dissolve, and a face like a balloon for ten days.

I've had three root canals and accompanying abscesses due to grinding.  The first (a molar) was bad, the latter two more front based teeth were pain free.  Admittedly for the latter two I went to a specialist endodontist and the first one was done by an average dentist.  But I can hand on heart say for the last two the only bit of pain was the jab at the beginning.

Owlin, you must have had a specialist, the partner in my practice is the in house root canal chap, another is the implant and oral surgeon who does complex extractions, another is a peridontist and so on. I guess things have changed. I remember dentists not that long ago did everything, but orthodontic work.

I have a new dentist at a posh surgery as other left. He is insisting on root canal treatment. That’s not happening so he is either on board or sacked. I found this thread very useful! 

@Elephant I sacked my first practice for a number of reasons.

I gave all the xrays and 3d pics to my new one, and when he saw the x rays saying I needed root canal, he said the x rays were not conclusive, but he would start doing his stuff and tel me mid op. He said it was uneccesary, and saved me 2k.

When spending this kinda money does no harm to get a second opinion for 150 quid

I have been following Ebitda’s dental treatment like others follow a decent TV series 

Yes I already have a second opinion from the dentist who left and didn’t mention it. They are expensive and very well qualified but I just want the essentials done well. 

@ebitda yes I went to a specialist endodontist called Endocare having had a painful experience the first time around.  They were great, there’s lots they can do to save teeth.  The latest root canal I had didn’t even need a crown, just a tiny dot on the top that they used to do the drill.  

It is no longer a new technique, it as a process is well understood and is a commoditised procedure, yet they want 2.5 k per tooth upwards

I mean ultimately you are paying for someone to do a surgical procedure on your teeth. Not sure how “commoditised” that process can really be.

Where on earth are you people going to have this stuff done? Mrs Donny had to get one done about 4 years ago. Previous crown failed and it was the only option as enough tooth left to redo. It wasn’t cheap (like two grand) but it was a one day process, then a bit sore for a week but then fine and has been absolutely fine ever since. 

I have just googled my new dentist. He specialises in trauma, surgical dentistry etc. I considered viewing some of his CPD  videos so I am up to speed. I am a control freak.  

Might look at a dental plan. I am not getting 90 mins root canal treatment. Thought chills me to the bone 😨

This thread has decided me, going with an extraction only.  Root canals etc I have no problem with but I just can't get over the feeling of horror at this.  

Warren if your tooth is healthy, or can be made healthy UK dentists are not permitted to extract, its a striking off offence, no ifs, no buts

Thankfully I've inherited my mother's pain threshold although I won't go as far as she did and have a root canal with no anaesthetic.

I’ve had four root canals. Only one hurt and that was because the abscess  had been undetected for months ie not showing up on x Ray. Even facial experts couldn’t work out what was wrong so I suffered for months. Finally when my face blew up like I’d been kicked by a horse someone actually believed me and it finally showed up on X-ray. Implant was easy by comparison. But implant dentist is v good. Note to all women: apparently women get ignored when they mention facial pain especially if of a certain age. Yet more discrimination, so if you are a woman and have pain insist on help even if they try and say it must be psychological. 

Note to all women: apparently women get ignored when they mention facial pain especially if of a certain age. Yet more discrimination, so if you are a woman and have pain insist on help even if they try and say it must be psychological. 

Citation very much required.  Who pedals this tired nonsense?

@Warren.  This would not have occurred to me, until the Consultant in Facial/Dental stuff at Guy's told me this was the case!  So it's people who are experts peddling it...

@Warren.  Frankly, it was nice to be believed!  And there is history of women's complaints like endometriosis and migraine being put down to "hormones" and "hysteria".  This is not an anti-men comment.

I had an implant about 4/5 years ago. Had to have a bovine augmentation on my upper jaw as there had been too much bone loss after that particular tooth had been removed some time before. It appeared to be successful and the implant was initially successful. Unfortunately, however, the bovine related graft started to fail and the implant became looser and looser and extremely painful. Was glad when it came out. I was in my early 60's and I guess was not a great candidate from that point of view. Wouldn't have it done again. Cost north of £2k!