Democrat abuse claim

In addition, Virginia's Democrat-led government is set to fall into the hands of a Republican over two blackface scandals and a forcible sodomy claim

That's a fascinating read.  Something is really bloody wrong in American colleges if the Dean will suggest to a girl to let go of a rape accusation just because the guy is in the basketball team.

Anway, obviously that prior accusation is going to be used against her on this buggery case but he should clearly resign for now, if nothing else to clear his name.  His lawyer raising "metoo" accusations as a revenge tactic by ex girlfriends just seems terribly fishy to me.

But it shouldn't be overly politicised.  If he's done something wrong, then he is a rapist.  If he hasn't then he is being unfairly demonised.  I can offer no comment further to that, I think we need to let the rule of law take its course.

I did “blue face” once when I went to a fancy dress party as a smurf

I know someone who blacked up for a fancy dress party at university. (Not dressing as a black person, it was an animal costume.) Still, I have photo evidence. If he were to go into politics now and I decided to send the picture to the papers to scupper his chances because I never liked him particularly, would that be a reasonable course of action or not? I don't think it would. 

Don't think anyone gives a damn in this country tbh Anna

Yanks are obsessed about 'racism ' because of slavery, and because many European Jews fled there after the Holocaust 

Supes family, for instance ,worries that Trump is going to bring in gas chambers 

Well I suppose that we should be grateful that you at least admit there was a holocaust.

Not the biggest fan of you putting the word racism in quotations though, as if it isn't a thing...l

Presumably in Tarquers' world racism was invented by socialist celts?  or alan greenspan

Draco... there's very little wrong with that movement.  If you think Trump and his pals aren't a fascist regime that has managed to seize control of the world's only superpower and are now armed with nuclear weapons.... you're very much mistaken and misguided.

Fuuuuucking hell, Teclis. I thought you were a bit smarter than that. 


Draco, I have been reading a load of books on psychology including several which explore the personality profiles of very nasty people.  They match up, very closely with everything that Trump displays.  Forensic psychology is not an exact thing but most of the character defects identified in Hitler, for example, are present in Trump.  

Neither Trump nor GOP in general want to do away with elections, but the concerning element to this is the hyperpolarization of politics.  Germany created Hitler as much as he created himself.  The danger is the casual degradation of democracy - such as we see in Hungary and Turkey, failed democratic states - we really don't want that happening in a nuclear armed superpower.


I suggest you read up on some critical psychology in relation to pers/trait theory. 

The 'hyperpolarisation' of politics is due to the left losing the election and making up fantasies about 'Russian collusion' to delegitimise a democratically elected president. That, combined with useful idiot liberals and an msm that shits on the president on a daily basis with disingenuous 'news' is your problem.

Sane Americans see the left as nothing more than shouty, spoilt children interferring with a guy trying to get on with his job. A job he's doing spectacularily well at all, all things considered. Their continued tantrums and resistance is futile. They've learnt absolutely nothing from their failures in '16. They're eating themselves and are going to get their arses handed to them (again).




Utterly bemused why someone should resign because of an allegation of abuse. Why in God’s name has the metoo movement effectively done away with trials, process and rationality?

@wilfredroston - indeed. It’s modern mob justice.