Deliveroo- have they just given up pretending to send food to arrive hot.

when they launched their USP was they had carried out vast research to ensure food arrived as if it were served at a restaurant table . They developed heat retaining boxes that ensured food wouldn’t steam and go soggy, and worked with kitchens to generate a new system specially for their orders.

i have returned to them having not ordered for 2 years or so and every meal be it pizza or fish and chips arrives cold , Luke warm at best and always soggy . Have you had similar experiences?

In London they are really sh1t in my experience.  Expecting delivered fish and chips to be anything other than soggy is a bit mental tho.


After each time I order using Deliveroo, I totally regret it.  I have never had a meal which I have been happy with; however, it's convenient.

Donny you do have a point , there is a new chippy five minutes from my house and it is sensational, rammed every day, but I can’t be arsed to queue or have a sit down , hence deliveroo , it was barely edible 

Last time I complained as the driver didn’t appear when the app said he was outside. He was 3 mins away , food arrives it’s Luke warm  I complain , and they immediately offer a credit of a tenner . I ask for 15 and they say without hesitation OK,pissed off they don’t do proper refunds though 

They've jacked the price up round mine recently. It's gone from £2.50 flat charge to a £2.75 minimum, sliding up to £3.15 depending on how far away the restaurant is. 

Heh, man I remember food deliveries, good luck with that out in the sticks! 

I see it is still losing the best part of £200MM, and is thought to have a valuation in excess of £2bn, right oh!. There is nothing in their model which is propietary. Ultimatley people will just revert back to using the kitchens own delivery drivers if deliveroo cannot be trusted to send the food hot. I suspect they collect 4/5 meals first and then deliver them thereafter, meaning the food is always bound to be cold?

The software is proprietary. 


Have never used deliveroo but I thought it was one order per journey. Not sure how else the fact that 4,000 deliveroo riders can be found at any given time blocking the pavement and road outside our local burger shop 

OK, 3 bikes THEIR software is propietary, but it is hardly rocket science, and can be easily replicated, it is not difficult to see how it works.


I don't know if it is just 1 order per journey, I am sure it isn't otherwise the driver could be twoing and froing from pizza express, when they could collect a bunch at once. I just don't see how the driver picking up a pizza express from my local store which is a 2 min drive can consistently deliver cold/lukewarm food

I often see my Deliveroo driver pick up my food and drive directly to me. Once or twice I've seen them do a detour to drop something off.

My fish and chips routinely arrive piping hot, notwithstanding they travel from the furthest away. The burger places near me tend to be lukewarm when they get here despite being a 5 min walk away (shhhhh!) I've stopped getting them now...

Pizza Express on Deliveroo is one of the worst for being soggy and cold and generally unappetising. and it makes no sense as you can just pick one up in the super market to heat at home for a fiver.

JC, yeah you can do that but pizza express oven ones are not a patch on restaurant ones, but I take your point. I once ordered a pizza express to a mates house that was 1 minute drive away, when I asked why it was 15 minutes late , it was because the driver came from a restaurant 3 miles away, bizarre.

I use deliveroo only for pizza from Zizzis which I then warm up in 5he oven to no detriment. I think expecting other sorts of food to arrive in good condition is unrealistic.

as for their detouring en route..I would give ‘em deliveroo fingers! (Which reminds me, has anyone posted artoo’s fingers yet on nuRof?)

I’ve had no problems at all but I only order from local places that I already know.  I’ve even ordered ice cream from places a couple of miles away this summer and had it turn up only slightly melted.

I find uber eats to be better. Generally it seems to be a bit of pot luck, based on whether there’s a driver near your chosen eatery.

Wellington is it worth giving Uber a try then ? I guess the food lands hot as it is sat in a car ?

Uber eats is exactly like Deliveroo except for the name. It comes on bicycles and motorcycles not cars. Different restaurants signed up but most places likely to be on both. 

Think it mostly depends on the individual driver and how close they are to the restaurant 

Maybe that is what is up with the delivery. It makes more sense for the rider to be on delivroo uber eats and just eat and pick up 3 jobs at the same time. 

I prefer walking round the corner to order a takeawy and then having a pint in the local while i wait to getting stuff delivered 100 metres up the road