Decent British TV shows

Any suggestions about TV shows set in the uk which i could watch; tired of watching american stuff. looking for everyday stuff rather than fantasy type stuff. something like Morse, Capital, Killing Eve. 

What's that one set in Northern Ireland with Scully from the X Files in it?

Killing Eve is a total fantasy!

I recommend the box set of the Camomile Lawn on All 4.  



End of the F**king World

Misfits (earlier series)


The Night Manager is great if you have not seen that.

Going way way back, try Ultraviolet.  1998ish?  THe bloke from This Life chasing down vampires.  And a great cameo from the forboding Herbies building.

Going way back - Chancer. It is just brilliant. Cusp of 80s/90s Britain, a gorgeous young Clive Owen, brilliant cameo from Michael kitchen in 2nd series


Wallander (the one with Kenneth Branagh)

Any Human Heart

Bit niche but "This is England" was great on a recent re-watch. I have a girl crush on Vicky McLure, which helped. 

It's French but "The Bureau" is I think the best thing I've ever watched. Spy drama, clever. Not too much in the way of gore, ridiculous car chases etc.

"Us" is a British three part series, I think BBC, should still be available I think. Warm and funny.

very different vibe but The Detectorists is top notch. 

oh and Jonathan Creek, apart from the last series where he is married.

Silent Witness



Going back a bit, Taggart

Derry Girls for something more light hearted


+1 for the first couple of series of Coupling

mmmm, Sarah Alexander

Green Wing

Assume you've seen Fleabag but if not, Fleabag

Linda I agree with you about chancer but rewatched it a few years ago and it’s a bit weird in that nothing really happens...

The Sweeney and The Professionals are always good entertainment if you ignore the obviously fake fight scenes.


The Thick of It

The Office

The Bridge (scandi, I know, but excellent)

Line of Duty

The Nest


Trial of Christine Keeler


the original BBC Tinker Tailor Spy (apart from that fact it's great drama, well-written and paced in a way that couldn't be done now, and all the things that have changed (smoking in offices, flares, payphones etc), you get to play "he's been 'Allo 'Allo, he's been in Last of the Summer Wine").

The original Brideshead series


Jelly - Le Bureau is on Prime. And I agree with Clove. It's the best thing I've ever watched.

Bureau is on yet another subscription service embedded in prime. 

I'm paying for Prime, Disney+ and Netflix 4k, so CBA signing up for another £6/month service. 

The most underrated British sitcom of all time: Ever Decreasing Circles.

Royle Family





Monkeydust but I think due to soundtrack copyright issues some of the episodes are only on dailymotion or youtube

I loved coupling at the time but wonder how much it might have dated.  Will rewatch when I've refinished the wire!

Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister


Threads (post nuclear Beeb film from the '80s) if you're brave enough

Line of Beauty with a young Dan Stevens in it pre-Downton

Motherland which I think is all on Netflix

Louis Theroux Meets ...

Teachers from the 90s

i enjoyed The Pembrokeshire Murders that was just on ITV with Luke Evans

The first series of the fall was ace. 

I also liked Buried. Early 2000s drama set in prison with Lennie James in it. (However, I used to really like that Jonny Vaughan comedy “orrible”. So I may not be the best judge of good tv)