Dear Brits
Rufus Youngblood 14 Mar 19 09:20
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Any chance you could explain what the blazes is going on? I mean, always good to stir things up a bit but this is really starting to look a bit silly.

Still, on the plus side - you're making Australian politics look thoroughly sane and rational.


The Rest of the World


Simple we are having a breakdown - please call a shrink.

Well there's no point asking us what's going on, we've been living it for months now and can no longer see the woods for the trees.  We were hoping someone from outside would kindly tell us WTF we've been playing out.


The UK  

Oh, and once again - wot the cat said:




any chance you could tell us.  we've got not idea.


and from reporting of last night's cabinet meeting neither do the chief whip nor the PM


Well for the rest of the world, it's quite funny.  In a really tragic, unfunny way.

Quite happy to see Britain as a laughing stock on the sporting field, but I suspect  the only outsider enjoying this is Juncker.

the hard core brexiteers want a pure and wonderful Brexit that completely removes us from the EU, gives us free trade with the EU, stops movement of people, and tbh they neither know nor care about NI nor its border. and don't really care that a deal has to be agreed on both sides of the table.

the hard core remainers will do anything to block leaving.  the softer remainers want a much cuddlier form of exit, but again don't seem to care that a deal has to be agreed on both sides of the table

everybody else is trying to get a deal signed.  but the ones in the middle appear to number some what less than the ones on either side. albeit those of pure heart on either side seem to be drifting towards the middle slowly.

meanwhile by the function of EU and UK law we leave the EU in 2 weeks a day unless something changes.  so the slow drift isn't ideal.


The Brits basically invented embarrasment and we are all cringing right now.

It would really help if the rest of the world just didn't look at us for a bit. Thanks.

It's simple.

The People voted to leave.

The Ruling Class is desperately trying not to or, if we must, then to water it down with "deals". 

I wish I knew. It is exposing how uneducated, stupid and easily fooled many of the British public are and how many politicians are just on their own power trip. 'Trust me, I'm a Fellow of All Souls, I know best'. The Establishment old boy.

I'd trust them about as far as I could throw them off the nearest bridge. That could be a long day.

I voted remain obviously.


Chambo you do realise the vast majority of "Fellows of All Souls", and Oxbridge types generally, are fanatical Remainers? 

My take is that you have politicians dealing with what is more like a business divorce but on a massive scale and with untold extra layers of legislation and (i) they aren't really qualified to do it and (ii) they are hopelessly conflicted in half of the decisions they make as they try to align themselves to their parties' interests/promote the party rather than take an objective view.

Other than that they're doing really well.

Is there a bigger cunt in world politics than this Mark Francois chap? I include east african warlords in this assessment

wot clubman said.

and 3-dux : your anti-semitism is repulsive but i usually grimace when people on here repeatedly call you thick but your 09:44 suggests a painful truth.

I can't remember who it was but someone this morning said

Shouldn't Mark Francois be giving unsolicited advice to people on fruit machines?

as an aside I was stunned in a pub quiz the other day (on a tangent from the fruit machines) that almost nobody recognised barnier.


It's really all rather straight forward.

The government tabled a motion but then whipped against their motion causing a commotion when their motion they proposed and then opposed passed. Now Parliament has taken no deal off the table although there is no table so the government may need to table a motion of no confidence in itself. This is because this may be the price the EU asks in return for an extension up until May and May wants to avoid European elections in May as that would be undemocratic. So to avoid an election in May, May may have to hold an election or other vote in May. This may allow May to keep repeating non-binding advisory votes until May or may be until May gets the answer May wants in order to prevent repeating a non-binding advisory vote May opposed but supports as you can't just keep on asking the same question until you get an answer you like.

It's all a ghastly f*ckup but the key long term point is that almost all of our MPs appear to be craven, venal timeservers with no principles, no morals, no backbone and no clue.  Lazy, drunken, ignorant, venal, under-educated thickos and winos.  

today's events have been somewhat interesting.


Remainers decided to pile pressure on ERG by threatening to take control a day before 29 March

ERG panics that they have royally fucked it up and all start saying - if DUP is happy with the legal opinion and will support May's deal they will too

DUP says - we are considering the revised legal advice. Most likely they will extract another billion from May / Hammond and that will be it. 

Cox is rewriting the opinion to get May's deal through.


See democracy works. All are happy...or grumbling. 

Now we can get on with our lives