David Camerom should be ashamed

He has brought all this mess on the country then fvcked off

Sitting there, in the sarf of Frarnce, wiv 'is trotters up[/dannydyer]

And did Farage's German passport come through?

DC is in Cornwall heh.  North of Cornwall if you insist on some sort of pucka cockenay accent!

The problem was Farage and UKIP leaching off the Tory vote and threatening to let Labour in through the back door

Can't blame him for b*ggering off when the moronic British public refused to take his advice 

Let one of the Brexit fanatics deal with the mess .

Err, there was an act of parliament so I don't think we can lay all the blame at his door

The incompetent campaign he ran that led to the vote?  Can we blame him for that?

and having no "what if we lose" plan?  Can we blame him for that?


You can also blame him for the terrible renegotiation of our future membership that turned many fence sitters into leavers. 

I think he went to Brussels to negotiate some kind of in-works benefits rubbish, which nobody really knew or cared about too much.

It was like a little kid looking at pebbles on a beach and not noticing the tidal wave coming in.

Bad PM and an utterly stupid decision to hold a binding referendum.

I think DC is a patriot but felt that he should try to negotiate a good deal to stay in. I remember watching rolling news as he tried and tried and tried to negotiate with these EU people to no avail, and his very statesmanlike speech afterwards hen he tried to play up what little success he'd managed to achieve.

You couldn't help but feel for him as he saw all reason thrown out of the window.

I don't think anyone could have negotiated better than he did but, as he said, these people are quite impossible.  

It wasn't a "binding referendum", Einstein. It was advisory, as the Europhiles never tire of telling us.

If it was advisory, why was it acted on?

and why, given the polls, and the godawful pigs breakfast being made of the process, is it not being revisited?

because the few mangled brain cells people like ducks have are too occupied with believing the UK should just be given what it asks for

it’s not that they cannot comprehend that other countries would not want to give the UK a free ride, it’s that they cannot envisage it

"If it was advisory, why was it acted on?"

Dunno, ask the people in charge.

Yes he did lead the campaign but again there were lots of other people with influence over that campaign and it is not obvious that the campaign would have been different had anyone else led it.  And it is not obvious that either campaign affected voting (the polling results hardly changed (for years) before the referendum and it wasn't until the month before that leave took a small lead).  

abbeywell, I think your anger is reasonable only if you are against all referenda in principle.


it's worth noting that only one MP (ken Clarke) voted against the referendum legislation which set the framework for the 2016 referendum. 

Its odd that the campaign was such a disaster given they had only just finished having a practice run with the Scots referendum (which was also left until the last minute but at least was more convincing).

cookie15 Oct 18 15:31

If it was advisory, why was it acted on?


Because we're not Spanish or Italian. There's a reason this country has been as stable as long as it has, and one of those reasons is that those who govern us have a (relatively) healthy respect for those they are answerable to!

Its just not cricket