Darren Grimes is up before the beak today


Tim Straker QC, representing Mr Grimes, told His Honour Judge Marc Dight the Electoral Commission made “a sequence of errors”, including some related to record-keeping.

He told the court: “Can mistakes by a regulator put a man in receipt of a penalty when he behaved openly and transparently throughout? It cannot conceivably be right.”

He said the regulator had “played a part in vilifying” his client, who sat behind him in court throughout the hearing.

does ne1 seriously givva fvck about this thick tool? he was stupid enough to get wrapped up in it in the first place

he should be fined extra for this truly atrocious line:

“This case has plagued myself and my family for the past two years.”

Where you following this?  Is there any way at all this could end up with him in jail?