Danny Cipriani's England rugby career offiicially over

The players' player of the year will not be going to Japan.



Such a shame for him. He was such a prospect when he started against Ireland 11 years ago. 


Argentina came so very close to scalping the all blacks at the weekend  that I'm genuinely concerned that England won't get out of their pool again in the RWC.

The trouble with Cipriani is that he suffers from the somewhat intractable problem of being an utter fucking bellend.

Buzz is probably a bit on point. See also Danny Care....? Has he been left out, too?

Tbh though if being a bellend was a reason for leaving someone out of a rugby squad, we would have a very thin squad indeed

Basically you can't have 2 'Generals', both  with very strong personalities and rather different ways of playing such as Farrell and Cips, around at the same time, as they will both want to run the backs show completely.

I imagine that Eddie has told Cips that he won't be called up unless Faz gets injured.

Surely Cip and Farell wouldn't be in the same 15 anyways. Doesn't mean both cant be in the squad

Farrell's pretty clearly out best 12 and pretty clearly not our best 10, so not sure about that. 

But Cipriani was never getting on the plane when Farrell's in the squad.