Dan Wootton and Laurence Fox

It's not a great look for lozza 

But his fans will like it so doubt he will be cancelled 

Btw laughing at male suicide is an awful thing to do 

Politics Live about 38-45 mins in on Iplayer.

Geoff Norcott was trying to discuss his new book which is about deconstructing the British Bloke and he started to try and discuss issues relating to male loneliness and suicide after they raised the minister for men debate.

He said he didn’t understand the hostility towards the concept of giving struggling men some focussed support.

Ava Santina (Politics Joe) told him that it’s about culture war and making an enemy of women and that men only have a higher suicide rate because they are more successful at it. Also said that women did more work than men during Covid (?).

Frances O’Grady (TUC) despite acknowledging that men are raised to hide their emotions (yet seemingly obstructing the discussion of male welfare), then asked Geoff Norcott to start a charity for ‘blokes against sexual harassment’ and said men should support women, again not wrong in isolation but why could he not talk about male welfare without the topic ending here in the space of about two minutes.

He actually reacted to it very well and said he in no way contested what they were saying but wanted to discuss male welfare. He was pushed into a defensive position where he was borderline apologetic, but also noted that he thought he could discuss male welfare without being shunted away to something else.

It was really quite unedifying and sad to watch.

I think it’s time to have safe male spaces where men can discuss their problems without women diminishing, demeaning, denying and gaslighting.

Nobody sensible disagrees with that 

But in the same way lozza makes money off sexism, Tories love racism etc 

Some women make their careers off this stuff 

They are idiots and a minority 

If people like this are on your side on any given issue, question whether you are on the right side.

Who are you talking about Tom?

I assume the woman who thinks suicide is funny but can’t be sure as you have some very edgelord takes

Also, what a dumb argument. Hitler liked walking in the Alps so if you find that enjoyable you’d better take a good hard look in the mirror.

This is full on turbo-charged culture war nonsense. GB News love it, Twitter loves it, politicians use it when it suits them.

Way of the world now and it’s only going to get worse.

I was surprised at Frances O’Grady actually naming it BASH, which I thought was crass, yet nobody seemed to care or even notice. Ava-Santina later apologised on Twitter which I thought was good. Norcott was good generally imo.

But the main much more important point is Fox and Wootton’s behaviour was disgusting. 

love the idea of co-opting "culture war" as a way of hand waving away the most rancid misogyny

no harm done, it's just culture war. all sides etc.

Well from experience on here when I have raised male equality points like ‘men should get equal parental leave’ (some) women are very quick to pipe up with ‘you sound like an incel’ ,‘I bet nobody wants to f you’ and ‘small dick energy’ etc and so yes it’s deplorable but it seems to be a standard response from people engaged in this nonsense.




love the idea of co-opting "culture war" as a way of hand waving away the most rancid misogyny

I wasn’t dismissing it. I’m saying there’s a space now for this form of discourse to thrive and it will only get worse. Real money to be made from shock jocks saying offensive stuff, engagement ramps up across multiple platforms, politicians who use it when it suits them. Look at America. GB News is only the beginning.

GBeebies have denounced Lozza and apologised. Imagine being too much of a khunt for the GBeebies bosses to stand behind. What chance Lozza rocking up on Russell Brand's rumble show in the near future?

lol also at Woottons apology:



"Soz having actually watched again it I appear to be laughing along and joining in but I wasn't really, honest"

Having watched him smiling and laughing along, he really, really, really reminds me of Brick in Anchor Man.  

What cookie said

It’s all just to sell advertising for these shock jocks - you get the anti men statement, you get the anti women response, (or vice versa) drives engagement and online buzz

the commercial news channels are quite open about how they do it now. BBC is more coy but it’s going down the same path

the mouth breathers lap it up

All organisations want to grow.  Without growth it's difficult to retain people because everything becomes a zero sum game.


I want to reiterate my regret over last night’s exchange with Laurence on GB News. Having looked at the footage, I can see how inappropriate my reaction to his totally unacceptable remarks appears to be and want to be clear that I was in no way amused by the comments bla bla bla bla khuntweasel words bla bla

Followed up with:


Honesty is the best policy.

LOL.  Fight to the death?

lol also at Woottons apology:






"Soz having actually watched again it I appear to be laughing along and joining in but I wasn't really, honest"

Fox has now published texts of Wootton laughing about it afterwards. This is excellent khunt on khunt warfare. 

When I invited the leopard onto my show to talk about faces that needed eating, I didn't realise he meant mine!

How can the BBC be going down the same path when it doesn't carry adverts?

they will have performance metrics based on viewership same as everyone else. 

Gary linaker published internal streaming figures the other day (naughty boy) by way of justifying his salary, so at the very least it matters to the talent, who get paid more if they have higher ratings

It's poor behaviour but I don't think it should be a perma ban. Maybe tell him to stay off air for a month or so.

Don't know who this lady is but from what I can see she isn't coming across very well either. Not just because of the comments on male suicide - someone also posted multiple tweets she's made telling various men there's no hope she'd shag them.

It's poor behaviour but I don't think it should be a perma ban.

Au contraire Walter. I think he should be put in the stocks and pelted with rotten fruit for eternity.

Like, probably, many people I'm torn between not giving a shit who's on GBNews because I'm never going to watch it, and wondering if I should be exercised about it because some people are watching, and those are people who do not seem to know, or want to know, that they are being fed a diet of misdirection, misrepresentation, and fake news. 

Blade runners have been paying per camera disabling since the start.  End of that story

I agree with precisely nothing that Ava Santina says, but Fox sunk to the lowest level in his deranged metaphor.  This just completes his gradual decline from unexpected anarchist to third rate posh-sarcastic-miserable political buffoon

I wonder how wide the debate will go. Thing is, contra Fox, no red blooded male wouldn’t want to shag Ava. She’s smart funny blonde and in great shape. She posts holiday pix on her Insta and screenshots of cringe DMs from ‘admirers’ in a way that suggests she is not easily intimidated and has a long term future in journalism. All of which makes Fox look even sadder. 

On that show on Monday she absolutely demolished Damian Green, because she was properly prepared with relevant stats and he was all over the shop. I’m a fan.

Why do any of you watch and follow this utter garbage? It’s utterly irrelevant to me and virtually everyone else. 

Fox turning on Wootton is quite funny.

Cookie's furious rubbing of his trousers as he talks about what great shape this woman is in is quite repulsive.

Frankly I wouldn’t want to shag ANY woman who disagreed with ANY of my views, so frankly I can see exactly where he was coming from on this one!!!  No offence to women or the snowflake brigade!!! 

Heh also at Fox now turning on GBNews and Wooton - screenshotted his notes to producers telling them what he was going to say...

"Heh also at Fox now turning on GBNews and Wooton - screenshotted his notes to producers telling them what he was going to say..."


this is really very funny




Lozza received the same vote share (1%) as Count Binface in the Uxbridge by-election. I really doubt we'll be seeing him securing any real power ever.

The only reason GBNews is doing anything at all about this, IMHO, is that the owner is trying to buy the Telegraph.

Jesus Christ global prospects are bleak. 

The telegraph has basically the same editorial line as GBeebies now tbh, just with the thinning veneer of being a once respectable publication.

it means he’s registering his astonishment that your supposed mates (by which he is alluding to them as really being acquaintances) did not ensure that others knew how to contact you by providing an alternative postal location

As with all things cookie, it seems to refer to auld hatreds from long ago and a mysterious other place where his enemies have migrated. 

Cookie - yes, your earlier post was a rare occasion when it was all too clear what you meant.

Maybe stick to the italics posts no one can understand.

It's cuck behaviour to show text messages and what not 

The worst thing is that it's distracted from a very serious message about male suicide

And yes you can be against male suicide and pro women's rights

Yes that's definitely the worst thing about this.

That it distracted from a short program which hardly anyone would have noticed anyway.

A pro women's rights person speaks.

He’s now accused Julia Hartley-Brewer of virtue signalling.

We are through the looking glass here, people.

I watched the Politics Live clip he's cross about. Santina wasn't actually that bad. It was more O'Grady.

Norcott came across as a nice guy. "We have a 2 min slot allocated to talk about men for a bit, please could I raise the subject of suicide being the #1 cause of death amongst men under 50?"

"No! No! We can't discuss that! We must use the slot to discuss male violence against women!"

What Tom said about The Telegraph. The racism and bigotry in the comment sections is just a more eloquent version of those in The Daily Express.

I’d be glad if I never have to see Dan W again and his tedious one man hate campaign against Meghan Markle

that does seem to be the trick in getting notoriety these days - find a wedge issue and triple down on it. Remember the multi tun threads chill and Anna could produce from the same 2 or 3 talking points

pyrrhic, wang notm7 yeah yeah. i’ve told u that b4 but did u listen?!?


the point of a daly pen is we get the three points 2 secure the losing bonus point (and top the group) right?

How can the BBC be going down the same path when it doesn't carry adverts except for adverts for its own content?

Fixed that for you and love those moments when they run a story on the lunchtime news and it turns out to just be an ad for Panorama.

Oh god, I thought at least on ROF I wouldn't have to deal so often with posters triumphantly grabbing the wrong f*cking end of the stick and running away with it like a grinning Labrador. 

It's interesting that Wootton chose to pretend he hadn't been amused by Fox's ghastly slurs. I'm not sure what it says, but at least Fox took it on the chin.

Surprised GB News, home of the anti-woke, didn't back both of them to the hilt.  Instant massive cred with riskygeorge and his ilk.  



Dan Wootton's crowdfunder, which he claimed was to pay for legal action against @BylineTimes, and which raised at least £37,000 from his supporters, has now been taken down.


Hehehehe.  Riskies being taken for a ride, as usual.

>> Dan and out <<

Ignoring is bliss

Dan Wootton's dramatic downfall these past 48 hours has drawn some fitting comparisons to Al Capone getting done for tax evasion.

All of a sudden he's persona non grata at GB News – not because of the multiple, well-sourced allegations of serious sexual misconduct and workplace harassment that have clouded him for months; but because he sat grinning gormlessly, like a wallaby getting its balls tickled, as one of his guests delivered a hugely sexist rant unchecked.


However, there was a little more going on behind the scenes. Even though on screen he might have just looked hopelessly out of his depth, the reason Wootton has incurred the wrath of his bosses is because he was repeatedly and actively ignoring multiple management commands.

From the start of Fox's rant, the voice in Dan's earpiece was telling him to stop Fox, to push back and apologise – but he tuned it out. Then one of the senior bods drafted an apology for him to read out after the item – and he skipped past it on the autocue.

Then the top brass were on the phone to the studio, insisting Dan apologise on air – and he just didn't.

Sounds hilarious but I doubt the GBnews production team were doing anything other than guffawing and egging them on. This is a post hoc bullshit story to defend against the ofcom inquiry.

If they release the recordings and I'm wrong then I'll eat my pubes. 

I see Fox has 'apologised'.

As in 'Well obviously I wasn't saying anything that wasn't true but perhaps a word here or there could have been tweaked', that sort of apology.

Says 'I know I'm going to be sacked tomorrow [today] but I just want to say this because that wasn't who I am'.

His followers must be confused, because he's spent the last couple of years making it look as though that's exactly who he is.

Laurence Fox's apology in full:

- sorry not sorry

- rich white men are the real victims here

- please send money

- I'm an attention seeking twot

fully agree with hotnow’ long post above

pancakes’ riposte absolute bogshite

men’s welfare is an important issue and deserves to be discussed in its own right in safe spaces without being forced to see it through women’s lens

it IS, absolutely, a culture war issue

I saw the Fox apology, it was total nonsense.

I would have thought for an actor he could have done a lot better even if he didn't mean it ( which quite obviously he didn't).

I think he is first quite stupid and at the same time loosing his marbles.

Maybe got increasingly bitter after Billie left him.

Would love to know what the rest of the acting dynasty think of him.

The non-apology is just the next stage in the grift.


ps please donate to my crowdfunder xxx

As if Russell Brand isn't low budget enough.

Fox needs to get on Rumble or whatever and start chuffing about men's rights and deep conspiracies and soon he'll be bobbing along on several grand a month of advertising revenue.

I agree Benj, but watched the first 10 mins of  RBs latest rumble thing the other day. I had also watched the Netflix series on how to become a cult leader and RB is straight out of the text book.

I find is style and general anti establishment thing quite engaging, then have to catch myself.

Russel Brand is dangerous, Fox is just a washed up ex actor full of bitterness.

Oh no, Calvin Robinson is not going to appear on Gbeebies until Wootton is cleared of wrongdoing. How awful.

Fox has been interviewed on something called Trigger(!!!!!)nometry. I’m sure that isn’t a total and utter car crash.

Ofcom  A regulator created to ensure the state narrative is persistently and regularly hammered into every home.

I mean, you could argue that that is the effect it has had. Difficult argument, but not impossible.

But you simply cannot argue that that is why it was created

Free speech 

The right to say what you want 

And the right for everyone else to think you are a khunt for saying it 

It isn't a free speech issue. It's about should TV be a forum for just throwing crude insults at people, and the answer is no (although, generally, leftists aren't exactly shy about insulting people with the wrong opinions either).