Cutest dog breed

Let’s share. 

mini pinschers

patterdale terriers

parson jack russells, esp those who wear a neckerchief (I had an office dog which fit that description, once upon a time)

Border Collies are not really cute tho. Great dogs but not cute per se. 

Hard to get past a Havanese for raw cuteness. 

I have a Havanese, think my previous Westie was cuter but all dogs are cute to someone. The eye of the beholder and all that.

Retrievers and Red Setters are just stunning looking dogs.  There's something awesome about Irish Wolfhounds too.

All great fun, but probably not cute in the bichon frise sense.

Putting aside my own bias for the breeds we have had (Dalmatian and Working Goldies) I would agree Red Setter as the most stunning dog. Were it not for their reputation as lovely but bonkers, I would have considered that for the family. Salukis are also the most gorgeous of dogs imho.