Curry and beers

Been invited to go out with some of the other local Dads this Friday for curry and beers. Goes entirely against the government advice but there has been a surprisingly high response rate. Wife not sure about me going - have pointed out to her that it really can't be any worse than her and the children continuing to go to school and bringing their germs back to my sterile wfh environment.

Would you go?

No of course not, you’re an intelligent and responsible professional, why are you even contemplating this? 

It completely goes against the advice we have been given and is an example really of why the government will end up having to close everything down.

Be a grownup about this and defer to the experts for a few months.  Limit social contact ffs.

A decent lobster phal should clear out any vuvu m3. It will probably clean out everything else too. 

Suggest mix with three or four London prides then u won't even need to self isolate, the family will decamp

It’s “go crazy Tuesday” for my food diary tonight.  Gonna do a prawn biryani.  Always clears the pipes.

I would make a double effort to go compared to normal.

;) she knows I heart her and am just pulling her pigtails.

I would say go. If it's not shut down, you are perfectly entitled to exercise your own discretion, having assessed the risks. The business could use your custom, I'm sure.

I was referring to the ruby and a nice tall Cobra m7, we have moved beyond normal morality and are living in the Thunderdome

That's where I am PP, but then Tecco makes a good point.

I went out for dinner with Mrs CC last night and we had friends round at the weekend but I am not sure I would do a big group to be honest. Depends on your own risk profile (i.e. do you have contact with anyone vulnerable, could you and your family easily self isolate without major consequences etc. etc.).

Guys it isn’t just about your own risk profile.

Think about the old six degrees of separation theory and equate it to a virus and try to work out if within six steps you are putting anyway at risk.

Chances are you absolutely are, and indirectly could be responsible for a loss of life without even knowing it.

The only way to have a clear conscience about this is to act as we have been advised.

Britons are determined to prove that we are a lot more stupid than the government is giving us credit for. 

Unbelievably, what Teclis said.  It's the height of selfishness.  You could be killing someone's granny

Remain of view calculated reasonable risks need to be taken; e.g. food shopping, travel for that etc, and also that the whole economy cannot be wiped out to minimise the number of deaths and that there is a trade off between economics and deaths.

But that's in terms of calculated reasonable risks (and includes a lot of people who can't easily/sensibly work from home).

Beer and curry with mates isn't that; it isn't appropriate right now.  I am more in the try to carry on as normal as possible not minimise all risk camp than many/most on here but that crosses line.  I was in a pub with mates last Friday saying this and felt at time that was acceptable.  I certainly wouldn't do that now though situation has moved a lot since then.  Don't go it's not acceptable behaviour now.

You are probably right. Our town (which has approximately one restaurant per person) is going to be a very sad place very soon.

I'd advise against it. If the governmemt had any backbone it would close the restos. 

Love the way that Teclis and the other tedes have radically changed their tune in the last 24 hours because Bojo and Dom have told them to. FFS.

I was genuinely surprised at the uptake, although would not be surprised if it falls away by the end of the week. Not an uneducated demographic either.

Dux, you idiot, I said that I would continue to follow the scientific led advice.  I did that last week and I do that now.

It is called “being sensible and listening to experts”, concepts which I appreciate seem alien to you.

So there was no danger whatsoever at 4pm yesterday but today it's madness to venture out. Pathetic. Use your own mind. 

My mind is in many ways formidable, but when it comes to pandemics and public health I would rather use the minds of the many learnéd and experienced professionals of those areas.

The only reason they even gave this advice yesterday is because of pressure from the WHO and (to a lesser extent) Labour. 

I was wary of going out a week ago and I'm wary now. Nothing substantive has changed in the last 12 hours ffs.

No you are. Blindly following whatever Cummings and his puppet tell you. Use whatever intelligence you have. Stay at home generally but use common sense. 

Haha no mate, I’m following science led guidance which I understand and appreciate may need to rapidly adapt in order to take into account changes in a dynamic and unpredictable situation.

You are just being tribalist, as usual.  Learn some subtlety to your thinking for a change and realise that following down one path at one time might be right but may be subject to change as circumstances require.

"science led guidance" from one lot of "experts" rather than the other lot. This debate is about politics and communications, resources and supply chains, logistics and crisis management. The science is settled.

We disagree, but there we go.  I understand that you always want to have the last word, no matter how fatuous or irrelevant so you can think you won the argument (spoiler: you didn’t) therefore I have left the next post intentionally blank for you for this purpose,

Tangent, go if you need the social contact.  It's going to get harder and quieter going forward.  A last laugh might help to carry things forward.

I'm really getting sick of this expert worshipping, Teclis.  They've got us into this frigging mess.  They are continuing it as we froth on rof.

And Ducks, as you are both in the same vulnerable camp as Teclis you shouldn't be so keen to take points, ffs.

Learn some charity during Lent, ffs.

VD, ah man you should have said.  I really wasn’t aware the PHE has secretly unleashed this virus upon the world.  Sneaky barstewards!

Think about the old six degrees of separation theory

Does this mean that Kevin Bacon is totally fucked and getting the Vuvu?