Current DExEU roles on offer
Johnny Hellzapoppin' 10 Jan 19 13:21
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You can choose from the following:

One HR officer

Seven Analysts

Two Lead Financial Accountants

Seven PA and Business Support Roles

That should easily cover all possible contingencies, right?


there's something relentlessly depressing about govt job adverts. not just the money

Baked Bean Logistics Officer

Shotgun Cartridge Distribution Assistant.

Marauding Packs of Slavering Hounds Containment Officer (to be seconded from Defra).

pastoral advice service officers

antidepressant distributors

do they not just do what the DTI and FCO do and get a load of spare bankers/accountancy scrotes in on secondment?

Aeroplane parkers...

Red Cross Parcel Delivery liaison officer...

Foraging researcher.

And dole office counter staff and admin assistants obviously.