The Cure and Horses at Glastonbury

I thought the Cure were absolutely tight as a nut.  They must have been practising, as last time I saw them they were a bit sloppy.  There wasn't a note out of place and it was like listening to a studio session.   Really odd to see a headline act deciding to say nothing at all to the crowd, and just rattling off brilliant song performances one after another. I was never a massive Cure fan save for Just Like Heaven and Friday I'm in Love.  Robert Smith is channelling the Joker.

and I loved this

I watchedJanelle Monet on the other side. It seemed a lot more fun. 

why not comment on this on my thread you piss kidney?

That aside I agree, the tightest live performance I have seen in a long time with Rob Smith pitch perfect throughout - his looks may have gone but his voice hasn't.

Because in that thread (and this one) you call him “Rob”. 

piss kidney? ffs


I did not see your thread. my points stand

Muttley, check out "Burn" from The Crow soundtrack. To me, it's one of their best songs.

Also, A Night Like This, which was covered by Smashing Pumpkins as part of The Aeroplane Flies High. Both original and cover are worth a listen.

Nine Inch Nails are famously not banter merchants. When I saw them, the only thing that Trent said to the crowd was "Thank you! It's nice to be here! And not at some f***ing festival. Don't even get me started. Now... how about something heavy?"

And that was it. All he said.

Compare and contrast with Falloutboy: Pete Wentz has THE WORST stage banter ever. Kept ranting about how the crowd should not fight as we have come so far from being dinosaurs (Whut?)

Saw The Eagles on Friday night. They were funny. Favourite line "Thank you, Birmingham. It's nice to be here again. Although, at our time of life, it's admittely nice to be anywhere..."

Anyway, it's Bob Smith.

Everyone knows that.

It's bugger all use being pitch perfect when your songs are all wankbilge

He always looked terrible. That's what Goths are trying to achieve. now he looks like a fat nonbinary goth with smudged makeup.

But time is not generous lookswise and it has been 30 years or more.

I think

Muttley do you not think there is an argument for leaving behind extreme fashions you wore in your teens and twenties when you hit 60?


I get that it is part of the act but it looks awful on him now I am not sure anyone is going to be digging it.   Nothing wrong with growing older with a bit of dignity.

I once heard Lovecats and thought it was shit. That's about it for me and The Cure. Did they ever get any better? 

Lovecats is probably the least representative song you could have heard (in fact they didn't play it on sunday)

No matter. I couldn't like a band with that song in their back catalogue. 

A Forest is my favourite. I love the drum beat. It's hypnotic. And I think Bobby Smith looked quite hot back in the day (in a goth sort of way).

he looked ok when he was young

he's just much too fat now 

Not just fat, but so... well... white, as well, you know?

It's like he wasn't even ashamed of that. Which is disgusting. And so out of kilter with the Glasto crowd, I'm amazed he wasn't drowned in bottles of p1ss.

Best consigned to the trash heap, really.