Crown of Thorns

So who reckons this might actually be the genuine crown and who reckons that it was simply an attempt by a 13th century French king to impress his subjects or the like?

Anyone know if it's been dated at all or genetically tested to see where the plants might have come from?

well given that Jesus didn't exist, i'd say fairly likely it is a fake.

Oooh, tricky one.

Did they also manage to save all 14 of Jesus’s fingers that were also stored there?


Actually wellers there is reasonably good evidence that Jesus did exist. You know, as a person.

It’s the whole giant invisible spaghetti monster bit that many people question.

it's all very well sniding but if this were black death times you'd all be buying bits of the cross like everyone else

No I'd be moving out of town to somewhere secluded well away from other people.

I think JC himself may well have existed but suspect he was more David Koresh than son of God.

Actually wellers there is reasonably good evidence that Jesus did exist. 

No there really isn't. 


I don’t know about relics.

I suppose it depends how terrified a person is of their environment, uncontrollable events, almost all other people and even inanimate objects.

Fortunately most rational people have abandoned almost all such terrors long ago.

if you fear nothing you have nothing you value so that is kind of sad

Ah, I see wellers is too lazy to put ‘did Jesus exist as an historical person’ into google and read any of the many articles by academics that will crop up.

Oh well, there’s no helping these who won’t be helped.

wellers, why do you think Jesus wasn't real?

I have seen many bbc 4 documentaries which suggest he was

maybe you are thinking of the turin shroud?

There’s a difference between fearing for important things and being terrified of almost everything.

You do get that right?

No I'd be moving out of town to somewhere secluded well away from other people.

Why? Would you have somehow been blessed with a 21st century understanding of how diseases spread?

I fear very little but have plenty of value so explain that.

strutter I mostly fear being stuck beside someone like you at a dinner party


good q, LP. Also, you couldn't live in a vacuum you would need to bring in food and whatnot

I think you have self described as a sociopath before, saillers

I don't think it sounds like you have much of value in your life (although these things are subjective)

No Anna I'd just use common sense to work out that it appears to be spreading between people in proximity to each other so being nowhere near infected people might help.

Wow, if only you had been around during plague times, you could have brought forward huge medical advancements by about 300 years.

I see Strutter is too lazy to examine the many, many articles and books by actual academics which point out that on the balance of probabilities, Jesus did not exist.

Well Clergs I have lots of things that excite me that I value but I struggle to become emotionally attached to inanimate objects.  Last weekend out sailing was awesome and had a few moments I won't forget for a long time.  I'm generally loving building despite the stress as it makes a pleasant change to do something that brings about a physical tangible result.

Anna I believe some people back then did exactly what I'm suggesting but struggled to persuade others who fell for the Church's line that it was some kind of divine retribution and that prayer and repentance were suitable protection.

What next to someone who doesn’t buy into your hysterical ‘look at me and how I suffer’ act?

Yes I can imagine that would cramp your style a bit.

Except i’d be too polite to haul you up for it too directly over a dinner table.  Unless you were really acting up.

No offence Saillaw, but based on your postings here I do not believe you would have been one of the cleverest ones.

next to someone stupid and boring with two lines of joke

yer a tedious cunt mate

Anna as I've learned over the years practicality and straight intelligence are very different things.  My dad is highly intelligent but not logical at all and comes up with wonderful ideas that I can pick apart in a few moments by just pointing out how they are practically impossible to implement.

People do the same thing to you all the time on here, mate.

That alas is because many times my dry humour doesn't comes across on here as you can't see me smiling as I'm making the suggestion.  However, the more outlandish and ridiculous the suggestion the more likely it is to be a wind up.

Anyway back on topic I reckon while the cathedral is rebuilt they should do some testing on some of the relics.

You always know when clergs is feeling the truth of something because she wheels out the insults and calls people tedious. Every single time 

Never play poker. Your tells will cost you a fortune.

You present as having no sense of humour at all FYI sails 

Strutter please could you explain why you are obsessed with picking up clergs on her posts and yet numerous threads of a much more pitiful line by other fettes (we will take as read that you think men get a pass to post whatever they like) get a pass?

is it based on an assessment of fuckability or how likely they are to fuck you or what?

She’s not my type i’m afraid.

And like I never took the piss out of laz either when he was ludicrous. And he was a chap last time I looked.

I trust this assists you.

it does come across as a creepy obsession

and you seem bisexual so I don't think the Laz maleness is relevant

Yes that's what I mean. She's not your type so you constantly have a go at her. Keep up 

Linda if you'd ever met you'd realise that I struggle to be serious even at work.  My old round the world crew all praised me for my ability to keep on laughing no matter how ludicrous the situation was.

To be fair there were a couple of times it got so bad even I couldn't find anything amusing about the situation any more.  I've also learned to rein it as some people find it helps their mood but others find it annoying.

Ah, I thought you meant I fancied her.

No, there are plenty who aren’t my type on here, but no others who post ‘I fear bog brushes.’

Oh and nice try with the made up bisexual thing to attempt to back up your chum’s theory.

About as valid as you posting ‘you strike me as Palestinean’ if I were ever to post anything criticising Israel.  Proper arguments just don’t work that way.

Now call me a tede and swear at me.  I double dare you.

I think you are just one of those people who desperately needs a target for your unpleasantness strutter.  Laz is no more so clergs will do. 

There are definitely a lot of people posting much much more ridiculous things than concerns about germs but you do you 

Funny but I find Strutts one of the more pleasant individuals on here but knowing him in person I can also sense when he is being less than serious.

I’m not the one swearing and making unpleasant and false assertions about personal lives.

I take the piss, sure, but in case you haven’t noticed this is RoF. That’s kinda how it goes.

If you don’t want people to take the piss then don’t post ‘oh howl, oh wail, I have a new nemesis’ twice a day.

To be fair, a lot of people really don't like bog brushes.

And yet you literally never take the piss out of say, Judy carter or phoebe strutter. 


Hoolie, I think that you do to me what you allege that Strutter does to Clergham.  I.e. pick on me because you dislike me.  J'accuse!

Or you for that matter (at least not so far as I can recall), but there again I can’t remember you saying anything particularly daft or risible (forgive me if you have and I missed it, I only rof in office hours and not full time even then).

TBF both Judy and Phoebs are fairly self immolating

I don't think I've addressed a single post at you since I came back to rof Judy, quite deliberately.  I seem to remember lurking around Xmas and despite not having posted for months you went on a rant about me being the worst person you had ever encountered. 

Fun isn’t it?

Who’s hogging the popcorn? Pass it along!

With regard to the actual OP:

"So who reckons this might actually be the genuine crown"

Only fucking idiots that is who. 




My point was simply that you post very similar things about your nemesis having an amazing pout etc but strutter never says a word of criticism, as he does constantly to clergs 

On the Jesus didn't exist thing, St Paul met people who knew him

And he definitely existed

No one cares what your point was, it was too overwhelmingly dull for people to engage with

Bernie - Joseph Smith met Moses. He said so, it must be true. 


On the Jesus point, the gospel of Mark was written about 30 years after Jesus died but there is no commentary anywhere (that I know of) in which contemporary critics say ‘who is this bloke described in the book preaching and attracting crowds - I’ve never heard of him and I was knocking around Galilee at the time’

Wibble I reckon there might be a tiny chance that it can at least be identified as having come from the right time period and part of the world.  Couple of years ago a French chap bought a ring that was dated to the period of Joan of Arc and fitted the description of a ring worn by her so it is possible for these things to have been grabbed by someone and kept.

There was obviously a preacher type chap called Jesus at about that time going about annoying the established religious types. Everything else is as true as the book of Mormon. 

Isn't Christianity all just reworked Buddhism for an Old Testament crowd? Some Hebrew hippy went off to India for a gap year and came back spouting all kinds of nonsense to try and get chicks?

About 0.0%.  Same with the nails and the fragment of the "one, true cross".

I think some chap wrote a book about Jesus having lived in India. he wrote another one that I read on holiday once, arguing that the Turin shroud was in fact real and the carbon dating testing that they did was falsified to show that it wasn't.

The reason why it had to be falsified was because it showed that Jesus didn't die on the cross and that the image on the shroud was caused by his body still being warm and covered in healing herbs or some such.

A load of garbage obviously, but quite fun to read how they constructed the conspiracy.

No, it's the Rabbi  St Paul adopting the Mithras cult

Tarsus, where he was born, and went to rabbi school, was the headquarters of the Mithras cult

Judaeism itself is just a reworking of the Hinduism they picked up in Babylon

I really want to visit the Mithras shrine in Bloomberg's basement.  Has anyone ever been?

Isn't mithras the stuff that the dwarves were mining in LOTR?

There are no Christian churches existing in Western Europe  prior to 300AD. Plenty of temples to Mithras tho

Including one in Queen Victoria Street 

So how long before the Vaitcan proclaims Christ's appearance in the flames of Notre Dame a miracle?


Lesley was amazed to see she she says is the figure of Jesus in the Notre Dame flames

Yes - Temple of Mithras is very impressive. Well worth a visit.