Crashing Snobs of RoF

What crashingly snobby things have you done today?


I definitely had a snooty look on my face this morning.

Indeed my nose was so stuck up in the air, I narrowly missed stepping in some dog poo as I walked down Walton Street (that's in Chelsea, don't you know).

  • Kicked a homeless guy;
  • Told him to get a job;
  • Used a Sharpie to correct the syntax, punctuation and grammar;
  • Flashed a sheaf of 20 pound notes in his face;
  • Eaten a Pret BLT in front of him;
  • Soaked his sleeping bag with Special Brew;
  • Taunted him by taking very pure heroin in front of him, then blowing the unwanted residue into the wind.

Ain't I a stinker?

actually David Cameron’s adoption of the glottal stop really used to have me shouting at the telly - you’re an OE, man - what is wrong with you! 

Heh i took a mate’s kids to nursery once and DC was there dripping off his sprogs.

We had a quick chat he seemed pretty bloody normal to me.

When I got to work the mate (partner) checked how it went and he got really mad at me for being friendly!

He was a libdem, this was obv some years before the coalition.

I'll add to the list:


  • Snidely pointed out that Judo's comma (in "you're an OE, man") was utterly superfluous.  Or that the "an" was superfluous.

Happy now? 

re the comma, surely the “man” was in the vocative and so needed a comma, rather than a nominative described by the OE. 

The benefits of my crushingly snobbby classical education 

Aha.  I think we're talking at cross-purposes here.  I assumed you meant "Oxford Educated" rather than "Old Etonian".  Mea culpa.  Stand down your second.

For the avoidance of doubt, I always prefix the vocative with "O"

I’d say that Oxbridge let any old grammar school kid in, I mean, darling, if you want Top Drawer, you’re looking at Cirencester AC

Nothing wrong with Ciren. It takes all sorts, particularly these days. 

When I was (a lot) younger a girlfriend was there and they used to have some very good parties.

And I MUST say in defence to the slurs of snobbery levelled at me that whilst I don’t have staff most of my friends and relies* do and I am TERRIBLY nice to them. 


Dude I'm a busy lady and this thread is utterly senseless. I am seethe free 

It's not senseless, when you've been so jolly rude about Judy. I think an apology is in order, at the very least. Then I'm sure we can all forget about the whole incident.

I haven't been rude. She frequently describes herself as a snob, and has FYI made various unprompted rude comments about me on many an occasion. 

I get you think I'm a gutter snipe and she's a terrible fragrant laydeee but whatevs tbh 

I can't believe that tecco's typo above has gone unchallenged.  Not still his assertion that anyone would let him near a child.

We would all be able to move on if you wouldn't keep on stirring it up, Dux, you little tit.

I fear it may not have been a syntax error, Wang, but I don't want to think about it.

I'm not stirring anything. Merely acting as arbiter of fair play, peace and happiness



Yeah, right.  And who appointed you, you fungus-infested, contemptible little spunk bubble

Felt superior to the other side in a meeting because they were all better groomed than me. A trifle too point-device, you know.