"A coward and a flake..."

Hastings is a pompous ass. I literally haven't heard of him since c.1999, except for a brief appearance on Question Time, where he came across as an absurd anachronism. Why are these old duffers still in the public eye? 

what I love about this article is that black does not even bother to pretend his position is anything other than because he still holds a massive grudge about that defamation case, he doesn’t even cite any other reasons

Quite so Duxie. Why is the convicted fraudster who wrote a blowjob biog about the current infestation of the White House and then got a pardon from said infestation still in the public eye

Hah ha hah... ...a character reference from Conrad Black. 


In fairness to Brad it is a very interesting article. But not for the reasons he was hoping.