Courier from London to Edinburgh

How much would you expect this to cost? Like a normal speed service, not next day or anything.

are you so pissed off with LNER that you're posting yourself?

Well Edinburgh I would have hoped, otherwise you’ll want your money back.

I'm immediately reminded of the Velvet Underground's The Gift. 

I stopped using couriers London - Scotland - too unreliable (certainly in W Highlands). Royal Mail does a fantastic, reliable, not that expensive next day service

Couriers seem amazingly expensive now. I don't know if it is inflation, or the fact that there isn't as much paper going around means a van that might have been going from Scotland to England with 50 lever arch files from 10 different law firms is now a motorbike taking 1 from a single law firm. 

Can you not just stick a trainee on the train with the file?

That reminds me of THE biggest twat of a partner, who sent a paralegal to his main home several hundred miles away to fetch his London house keys as didn't want the inconvenience of a locksmith visiting, only to ring up and tell them to turn around when nearly there as they had turned up. 

If I were a trainee in London I'd probably love a day out to Edinburgh.

They'd be terrified at the prospect of leaving the Home Counties judging by those around here.