The Costs of Covid-19

So far...

57% work less than usual

8% have already lost their jobs, and a third of those still working expect to lose their job by the summer.

Half the UK workforce expect to have problems paying their bills.

43% of workers without paid sick leave ‘would definitely go to work with a cold or light fever’

If you earn less than 20k, chances of losing your job to COVID-19 are more than twice of those on 40k+


but but we gotta save all the old people because its not fair to just quarantine them.... 





On the plus side, there’s a shitload of work down here if anyone fancies helping pick cress, broccoli, etc.  So the jobs are there, people just need to learn to put in some hard graft, set aside their middle class lifestyles and muck in with the rest of us.

You get a free suntan while working so no need for expensive holidays.

Its hard tough work so no need for expensive gyms.

So many benefits to this, you’ll sleep better, eat more healthily, forget about the stresses of city living and simply worry about how long until your next pint of cider.

Proper job.

Do I have to wear a three piece suit while mucking in with you in the dress fields lord teclis?

half of UK companies are furloughing most staff



When I say “us” I mean “most people in Cornwall”. Not actually including me. 

Of course.

"Why do you hate the nhs heroes so much?"

I hate them SO MUCH that I will only pretend to clap every week! hah


I expect postgraduate applications are currently going through the roof so I bet the university sector probably does pretty well out of this.

I spoke to a friend who works in online gambling infrastructure and it seems they're very busy too. There are certainly some industries that are doing well off this.

" I bet the university sector probably does pretty well out of this"

dont be daft - they make a huge amount of cash from student digs and most have just had to refund most student for the rest of the year. This is a crippling loss for most of them. 


Online gambling is a major worry.  Gambling is its own plague on humanity anyway, but lock 50million people up with a one click payment to spend money on chance to win a prize and it’s a recipe for disaster.

Should just place set limits on it and be done, addiction of that nature is a disease.

Tecco should be worried.

When the dust settles HMG will surely introduce means testing for the vast array of benefits he claims.

Lambo repossessed, Gin-Palace scuttled and Tec Towers turned over to a Hostel for vulnerable Bangladeshi teenagers.

The University sector will be screwed on non-EU students, particularly the Chinese.  It’s an huge proportion of, particularly, postgrads.

“Vast array” 

I claim one benefit.  A disability allowance called PIP.  
If they take it away I’ll be disappointed because it is a very small reimbursement for the (genuinely) vast amounts of tax I have paid and continue to pay and it covers part of the cost of my carer.

Goodness knows where this benefits myth came from, probably you Jethro, however it is untrue.

Round here all the unis have done what the private schools are doing with students - providing their courses remote - and so are delivering a service you can get online for like £40 a course, for about £1k a course. On that front I reckon they're laughing.

Also loads (don't know about 'most') but loads of postgraduate researchers are on contracts where you have to fill out your timesheets weekly and if you can't actually do any work, you just won't get paid. Loads of them need access to specialist equipment etc.

I've not heard of anyone getting reimbursed round here. If anything people are annoyed that they can't apply for a reimbursement.

I don't think the unis have done badly out of this at all tbh.

Tecco, about the online gambling....*shrug*....alcohol and drug sales will probably be on the up for a while as well, before the civil unrest begins.

Tecco Towers is kinda already a hostel for vulnerable Bangladeshi teenagers but perhaps not in the way you mean.

And it’s a Ferrari, not a lambo.


I hope that doesn’t include postgraduate sport historians working towards their phd...

Unis are fooked. 


They don't break even from home student fees, they make their money from halls, summer schools and international students

What’s gr8 about extensive economic misery and widespread suffering exactly?

yeah none of the international students will be coming in 2020/21

totally fooked 

i mean oxford and Cambridge will probably be ok

but who goes "oh yes here is £40,000 for a year of remote teaching from Newcastle"?

i mean Newcastle is an excellent university but what's the point if you're not actually there

Yeah but they're still getting all the money from those internationals! That won't change next academic year. People still need to study it's not like people are going to take a year out in the middle of their degree because of this. And they're still having to pay for the Summer term even though they're getting a shit video conference lecture experience - and no exams.

And that's sort of what I mean about the letting go of staff Thuggy. So many uni staff are on such shit short term contracts...even postgrad researchers and postdocs (I know - I've worked at 3 unis!). They're so easy to get rid of during something like this....'come back in the September when you can access the premises'

Clergs, to be fair, this highlights why the "let it rip" approach may not be tenable--the nouveau riche Chinese families aren't going to send their little emperors/empresses to the UK on our assurance that "it's safe; we have locked up our old and infirm and everyone else has herd immunity."

mugen you have smeg on your face already over this, best stop now before it gets messy. 


Tbf we only need a few proper unis anyway. It’ll be jolly good to rewind things back to when We Were Great! 

Enough of this knowledge economy. Fruit picking, mining and manufacturing are the way forward!

Rule Britannia :)


What’s gr8 about extensive economic misery and widespread suffering exactly?

Brings us closer to the happy day when the last investment executive is strangled with the guts of the last structured finance lawyer and we return to a preindustrial agrarian utopia

merk you KNOW those guys will just claw their way to pol pot status

PP if we let it rip the model shows it would be over before uni term starts

we'd be the safest destination on the planet - immune survivors with a safe food supply chain!


Mugen I heard another challenge is that China has its largest ever graduating class this year bumping up against zero jobs

so maybe that will decrease demand? what's the point if you're competing with several million other people

Universities will be glad that from about five years ago , they made it very very difficult to obtain a tenured lectureship following ones PhD . Just about everyone was put on post doc contracts , some even by the hour . Tenured lecturers , were invited to move on to rolling contracts , and those that thought nah , were subtly advised of possible redundancy programs .


its the post docs I feel sorry, always being promised a lecture post proper next year , meanwhile they , mark , mentor ,research, teach, teach , teach , often working 70 hours a week . With some unis paying them as little as 20k. And they can be culled at the drop of the hat for the next mugs that come along 

From my experience of Chinese people and their approach to 'oh shit I have a degree now but no job' the normal reaction is 'I'll just do a masters then' and their parents/grandparents are happy to pay...the alternative is working in a factory...

The UK reaction would probably be 'i'll just work in a pub for a while then whilst I get a real job'....good luck with that one m8s...

absolutely mental

abandon lockdown completely now

Dumbest idea ever. Only lockdown will stop this virus. 

I’ve gone public on FB with my total opposition to continued lockdown.

Yes that’s right

Laz has started gobbing off on facebook

that means yes it’s fooking serious

+2 they are talking about 6 months of this madness - we will be utterly fooked by then. 

no what will stop this virus is the epidemic running its course and society continuing rather than grinding to a halt

the lockdown will not stop the virus, ffs, 

the lockdown means it will take longer to infect the same number of people. 

Why are people finding this so hard to understand? 

This virus can not be put back in the box dux; a period of slowing the spread has some merit but not at the cost of the livelihoods of millions of people that may never return. 

meanwhile over 123,000 have died of flu so far this year. fooks given by society - nil 

hard stop to lockdown immediately pls

pubs open

shops open 

everyone back to work

the fact is that now governments have freaked everyone the fook out by flapping around and gaping like fish out of water; it will be hard to get things restarted again

but we should try

Canada says 800K jobs have been lost in just in restaurants . Many of which will never open again. 

It will never go on for as long as 6 months. There will definitely be civil unrest before then.

I could imagine in a couple of months an EDL march going into Chinatown in London and completely destroying the entire area.

There is a very nasty part of the internet (it's on here as well) and in real life that is blaming ethnically Chinese people for the fact they're now unemployed. I've even heard stuff screamed by drunks on my street and we're a couple of weeks in.

I don’t think it’s true they will never open again. But it’s pointless anyway.

It is not on here you spaz. 

Blaming china for not outlawing the disgusting wet markets is not the same as abusing a person for looking a bit chineesy

As soon as they reopen I’m straight off to the Four Seasons in Gerrard Street for a blowout

BBC: -


Nearly one out of 10 restaurants have closed permanently and some 800,000 jobs have been lost in the food service sector in Canada since 1 March, according to a survey by Restaurant Canada.

Restaurants across the country have been hard hit by the economic impact of the virus and measures put in place to stop its spread, says the industry association.

It estimates C$4bn ($2.8bn; £2.3) in lost sales nationwide in March.

Some restaurants are only open for delivery or take-out orders and have cut back on staff. Just over half have closed temporarily, according to the survey.

”In our 75 years of existence as Canada’s national foodservice association, these are by far the worst numbers we have ever seen," said the organisation's president, Shanna Munro.


yeah but even the “closed permanently” ones will mostly be reopened once this blows over

this isn’t the point tho

why instigate all of this economic suffering?