Cost of living crisis


And even sadder, earlier this week, a small 250g pack of chicken breasts in my local Sainsbos had a security tag on it. A small pack of chicken, ffs. I see that the Trussell Trust is now advertising on the telly for cash donations, this is miles easier than trying to remember to add extra items to your trolley to put in the food bank trolley.

Finally, and in contrast, just now in a large-ish Waitrose near me, the entire fresh meat aisle was empty. As was the cheese aisle, just like it was at the weekend. I did ask if this was related to the story above and was told no, just poor supply problems. A cashier told me the head of logistics had come from Head Office last week and attempted to do her shopping while she was there, well let’s hope she was as unlucky as the rest of their shoppers, if they dont sort this they are out of business. So, a First World problem for minkie, but my goodness I honestly dont care about that right now, I am thinking about that little pack of chicken labelled as an item people might be tempted to steal. 🥺

if it makes you feel any better, some people just steal because there are no practical downsides for them even if they get caught

it's not all lovely auld grannies, a lot of it's hard nut chancers who would just as quickly take your purse or car

Minkie, its mental. My local Tescos Express has had near empty shelves of meat, veg , and stuff for over a week.

I needed some kitchen roll, a pack of two was 8 quid!. I walked out, that was taking the piss. Also a tub of Lurpak 6.60

Waitrose has had a logistics IT meltdown which means supplies are turning up 24 hours later than they should.  Apparently it's been sorted and they are catching up again.  Seems to be related to moving to a system which was meant to automate ordering by predicting what's needed in each store based on previous sales trends but unfortunately it doesn't seem to work.

Not sure stealing steaks or even coffee can be casually blamed on the cost of living crisis. They’re hardly staples even if the cost was a justification for stealing (which it isn’t faod).

The Waitrose partner at the till told me this lady from Head Office told him they are working on it 24/7. Which is not good news, it has worse, not better. It is much, much worse now than during the vu.

My sense of this overall - obvs there are wild variations - is that supply is lumpy and stuff sells out in the way we’d have thought normal, say, about 50 years ago. Before we joined the EU.

I walked into a large Waitrose last Saturday and it was almost entirely empty. No fresh produce, no meat, all other aisles 50% gone. A couple of signs up saying "soz". I walked out and went to Sainsburys which was full. 

Their logistics meltdown doesn't seem very fixed. 

The Trussell Trust are huge contributor to food price inflation. 

im genuinely interested in how this line of thinking goes 

anyone care to take me down the path of enlightenment?


Ithink these places are taking the piss with their price hikes.

Where they're really taking the piss is what they pay producers.  If the price they'll pay for tomatoes isn't enough for a farmer in Morocco to make a profit what hope is there for a grower in this country.