Corbyn Snubs Trump Dinner Invite

Jezza will not be going to a big dinner with Trump when Trump comes here on a State Visit.  


This is absolutely typical of Jezza and a very bad move.  Trump is awful, dangerous and odious.   I would go a long way to avoid attending a dinner with him.  

BUT he is also the President of the USA and a very powerful person.  The UK relies on the USA for banking, for technology and for defence. 

Publicly snubbing the President is good gesture politics for lefties, but fundamentally a bad idea for the country as a whole.  And Corbyn will ALWAYS prefer the gesture to the grubby reality.  

Immature, foolish and appealing only to his dedicated supporters.  



quite. what a tool. still will help make him unelectable.

No it won't. Nearly everyone agrees with him.  So Trump's powerful (for now, until he gets impeached)? Big cheesey wow.

Seems fair enough. 

I don't mind Trump particularly, but good to see someone in public life showing some cojones and actually standing for something. 

It’s called being a grown up, completely unknown new poster chap.

We all have to do stuff that we might not want to do because of our jobs or some other cause, but we do them anyway and we do them with good grace.

Do you imagine that HM the Q is delighted to be hanging out with the orange muppet?

No, of course not. But smile and wave. Smile and wave.

They have more in common than Corbyn would like to acknowledge--both megalomaniacs "my way or the highway" autocrats who like to surround themselves with yes-men/women.

Trump is a dangerous person to be leading a western democracy and if one disagrees with his stance, it is reasonable to snub the dinner that is held in his honour. 

I'm certainly no fan of Corbyn but at least he isn't appeasing Trump. 

I look forward to Trump's double think explanation as to why Corbyn wasn't there (if asked). 


Isn't this the same Corbyn who forces himself to meet with all sorts of unsavoury people, oh he doesn't approve of them, no sir, he just thinks that "dialogue" is very important?

This is one of the problems with the left.  They are too keen on being the opposition voice.  It’s naive: keep your enemies close and all that.