I need new saucepans

I'd prefer ones that don't leach poisonously

What would u recommend pls ?

stainless steel obvs. tesco used to do a good basic set. 

All-clad are great all rounders. Quality and durable.

Stainless steel, but pretty much any brand will work - I've had the Tesco set mentioned above for a couple of years and they're great, actually.

LOL at Le Creuset as a recommendation for saucepans. They're about £100 a pop for bog standard stainless steel.

If you want non-stick, Procook is a good shout. Extra £20 off until end of today on their own website...

No, you'd think that, but actually it's quite hard to get things to stick unless you let  them burn or forget to put oil in before your onions. (Frying pans you do need to be non-stick, though, especially if you want to make pancakes, drop scones or soda bread in them


Depends if you want to live rofstyle but the sainsbury rec is a good one, we've had one of their copper bottomed pans for about 15 years, still in great condition

Yep, definitely decent quality and not stupid prices. 

I’ve had the copper bottom separate from two of those Sainsbury’s copper bottom pans, but they are decent value if you get them in a sale  and don’t expect them to last forever. I have some thinner non-stick pans from there that I like as well. For stainless steel that lasts I would go Meyer or John Lewis

Sorry forgot thread. Yes I was going to say the Sainsbury's ones too

Thank you!

Do you know, had never thought about it before but what are the advantages of metal lids? I like glass lids cos you can check things aren't burning without lifting lid.

hard anodysed for the non stick and then it won't leach chemicals into yr fud and won't scratch. 

And a nice big saute pan with small handles either side (no long one) which can tehn go into the oven is a right old bonus.

Cant go too far wrong with a tefal tbh.  We have some still from our wedding list that have survived the slings and arrows of our misadventures, but I cant recall the make.  Began with an A and was from john lewis.