Consultants working to rule because they have to pay tax

Apparently if you work for the NHS then you should be allowed an extra special lifetime allowance on your ludicrous pension.

So because they don't get that, they're going to act like khunts

Dude these are people who have spent the formative years of their careers putting their fingers up people's bumoles.  In the same way the 3000 hour a year chargeables securitisation team in 05/06, i do not begrudge these dudes a slight bonus...

I'm not sure Consultants do any bumhole fingering, they get their minions to do it 

If humans weren’t such gullible idiots, working to rule would be the norm, not merely something you do in protest, and the 90% of us who work for a salary would be a lot better off for it.

I had a consultant friend tell me the other day he'll be in this position in a few years if nothing changes because his lifetime pension max at the age of 42. Doctors pensions are wild.