Conspiracy theories that are probably true
a perfectly no… 02 Apr 20 16:20
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or, at least, have substance to them

1. Karen Silkwood. Definitely murdered.

2. Denver airport. OK, it might not actually sit on top of the future underground capital of the post apocalyptic New World Order. Maybe not. But there is something wrong about that place. It is a bad place in some way, something fishy about it.

Epstein--sure he committed suicide just at the same time that the CCTV malfunctioned ...

Is Denver the one with the satanic blue horse statue outside? If so, then yes it is a creepy place.

yes and the fucking weird mural of the gas masked grim reaper

it is a weird place

why would anyone commission artwork like that? Or, perhaps - what did the people making the artwork know about the airport and what were they trying to say? The guy who did those murals wanted us to thjnk the airport was a sinister place. Why?

The entire project was needless, there was no justification for it - what was it a cover for? And just why did it take so long to build, and cost so much?

There’s something fucking odd about denver airport.

David Kelly was murdered / or died under stress of interrogation 

doubt it

he was a gobshite who liked the company of pressmen more than someone in his position should, and couldn’t take the deserved heat

there was/is a westminster based peeedo ring that included some v powerful people. 

Avril Lavigne died and was replaced with a (bad) doppelganger. The new one looks nothing like her.

yeah agree with that

Ted Heath wasn’t in it tho

Does Epstein count as a conspiracy when basically no-one believes he killed himself?

Lee Harvey Oswald was almost certainly on the books of the CIA. Whether the assassination was him going completely rogue, or if he was poked into it by agents who wanted to catch a communist attempting to assassinate the president is not clear. But so much of the weirdness and cover-up afterwards was the CIA destroying any trace of the fact that he was one of their assets. 

“The Catcher in the Rye”.

Too many killers have had this book either on them or in prominent places in their living space for it to be coincidence. 


I completely believe the Dolphin Square Paedo ring thing - not least because that is where loads of the MOD, Westminster etc government accommodation is (Pimlico).

What is the conspiracy Tecco? Hidden message in the book or what?

The Catcher in the Rye is thought to be behind the murders of actress Rebecca Schaeffer, John F. Kennedy, Lennon, and a failed assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan. Chapman allegedly kept flipping through the book’s pages after shooting Lennon; John Hinkley had the book laying on his coffee table when police entered his home after his assassination attempt on Reagan; Robert John Bardo was carrying a copy when he murdered Schaeffer; and Lee Harvey Oswald also had a copy on his bookshelf when he shot Kennedy. ”

Those are just the ones we know about.  There is a trigger in there somewhere for a failed behavioural experiment IMO.

Maybe whoever killed the real Avril Lavigne had a copy? 

That the Welsh GCHQ guy was murdered by GRU/SVR and/or Russian Mafia and not secretly into locking himself into bags and dressing like a laydee. 

A clique of international financiers run the world. Are we allowed to say that?

*joins Labour Party*

All those russian business men that keep "falling off balconies" in London are being killed by Russian gangsters/agents (if there is any difference  there) 

The David Kelly thing: not convinced tbh

Dolphin Square: er...the whole thing has been debunked and the creator gone to gaol

The Russian gangsters and agents are on opposite sides. Apart from that, tend to agree.

surely the conspiracy theory would have to be that Dai the Spy *wasn't* killed by the Russians.

No Dux, on Dolphin Square - one chap who told a lot of lies told a lot of lies. 

and as a result managed to stop anyone talking about it ever again. genius cover up tactic. 

The Catcher in the Rye thing (in fact tecco’s exact post) is the plot to a Mel Gibson film. 

I really need to watch this film, lol.  What’s it called? (I don’t watch many films).

Covid-19 was invented by the Chinese to destroy western economy. 


Conspiracy Theory.  Not actually the worst film in the world, I quite enjoyed it.

Area 51/roswell

Fendlesham incident

Ancient aliens/angels

Mongolian death worm

Orang pendek

(admittedly the latter two are more cryptic than conspiracy) 

laz has been kidnapped by aliens and replaced by a perfectly normal human being.

Conspiracy theories that aren't true: Liverpool winning the Prem. 

Mongolian death worm

Last seen on Rof in circa 2006 iirc

I also quite like the ancient aliens one. I actually found fingerprints of the gods convincing but I might be very poorly informed...


Ursula and Sabina Eriksson, not normal.

Denver airport a good shout.




Mugen - chariots of the Gods or is this one I don’t know?

Bohemian Grove as satanic cult with bush Jr as an attendee.

Graham Hancock. Wait...yes it’s Fingerprints of The Gods.

If you’ve not read it and like that kind of stuff it’s very cool and seemed to me quite compelling but yeah not a subject expert so...

Graham Hancock. Wait...yes it’s Fingerprints of The Gods.

If you’ve not read it and like that kind of stuff it’s very cool and seemed to me quite compelling but yeah not a subject expert so...

bobby kennedy - convicted sirhan sirhan was not the shooter

Neil Armstrong walked on the moon which is made of cheese

The Titanic didn't actually sink. It was a sister ship, and an insurance job which went wrong. I had a client who was obsessed with this, and the configuration of the smoke stacks, etc.


Stanley Kubrick was enlisted by the US government to direct their faked moon landing footage. He couldn’t live with the secret so left a number of coded messages in The Shining which explain the whole thing.

you believe in "white genocide"? LOL

One good thing about this thread is it's turned up a few conspiracy theories I'd never heard of before. This is a particularly nuts one.

bobby kennedy - convicted sirhan sirhan was not the shooter

Something stinks to high heaven about the Bobby Kennedy killing.

The "watch company" that was having a convention in the same hotel was an obvious front for the OSS and then the CIA. 

Also, let's be honest:

IF, JFK was shot with CIA connivance, it would be a LEETLE bit of a risk to allow his brother to become president. I mean, just a teensy weensy risk, that his brother might, just might, want to find out what happened. 

Chimp, what are those coded messages in The Shining?

Lol Hotblack, as opposed to being the Attorney General leading the investigation into the shooting?

Carole Baskin killed her husband and fed him to the lions.

I like the Graham Hancock stuff as mentioned above. Some of it is loony stuff but a lot of it is believable given knowledge of ancient civilisations is so sketchy. Perfectly explicable that there could have been some relatively advanced civilisations floating around 10,000 years ago. 

Lol, there is no possibility whatsoever of there being 'advanced' civilisations 10k years ago (unless by 'advanced' you mean copper/bronze age).  We find evidence of old civilisations all the time that used mud bricks and wood, compared to them even an older civilisation using advanced materials would stand out like dogs balls, their tech would have spread everywhere and be evident, and their artefacts, traded for, gifted or stolen, would be all over the place.  However, the greatest reason is that there is no God of the gaps argument - there is no reason to think there was such a civilisation and absolutely nothing to require it.