Consent videos

Following the Meetoo Epstein/ Weinstein/ Cosby problems ,playas are now requiring VIDEO

EVIDENCE of consent…

I can understand the minor celebrity doing it.  If you're going to take a video before each sex act you won't get much done in a single night.  Love the bazza also suggesting that the recorded consent might be ambiguous.

Maybe I'll start filming in the pub with agreement to leave the pub and go back to mine then a video of agreeing to come through my front door and so on...

I think that is why this sort of thing isn't that helpful Wellers. But it will still provide some protection presumably as consent is confirmed until that point. 

Yeah, stru. If you are dumb enough to sleep with a nutter, but you know, at least you should, that she is an outlier, and that 99 times out of 100 it is the men who rape that get away with it.

Of course she's a nutter Supes, but the point being this kind of thing does happen and it is not a one in a million. Very much the minority of allegations and most allegations are genuine and sincere (that does not automatically mean the man is guilty of course) but there are enough of these false allegations that all allegations need to be investigated properly and impartially. 

Also, as far as this woman goes - how were these guys supposed to know she's a nutter? The first guy (who spent 7 years in jail), literally asked her if she was sure she wanted to sleep with him 3 times..

Don't care. In the grand scheme of things to be worried about this is way down at the bottom together with being shot by a random sniper and getting bitten by a Tse Tse fly.


It's all menenist, red-pill garbage

So the argument is that one nutter in one hundred makes a false allegation* and as a result men should avoid all women and film consent and the basic premise is that all women are out to make malicious claims of rape. 


Meanwhile, in reality land, one in five women experience sexual assault and yet somehow we are the ones being unreasonable. 


Do men have any idea of what massive cockwombles they seem to be in this situation?


*and that is being extremely generous given actual statistics

I guess other minor celebs like ched evans and paddy jackson might consider this is a very sensible precaution 



1. I didn't say (if you were talking about me and not the article) that "men should avoid all women and film consent" - I said when such allegations are made, they should be investigated neutrally like all criminal allegations and not approached from the perspective "she must be telling the truth, women don't lie". Or in other words, the possibility of a false allegation needs to be considered and ruled out. In exactly the same way as if you report your phone stolen in a street mugging, the police will at least consider the possibility that it was an insurance scam. 


2. How do you know false allegations are only one in a hundred? Serious question. 

3. The "one in five women experience sexual assault" thing has been widely debunked - it's from that US college women study - or to be more precise, it included a whole lot of things that - while it may be unpleasant - no reasonable person would call "sexual assault" - stuff like a guy you didn't fancy asking you out (aka "unwanted advances") or being whistled at on the street. (I don't know the true rate of sexual assault, but that particular study has been widely debunked). 

Plenty of men experience sexual assault but we tend not to mention it because when we do people laugh about it and tell us to man up.